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We're ready for ranked! [America: Blog 4]
Finally, my time has come... I am going to take on American Hero League! But not without an update on how I got to this point, of course. It has been a few weeks since I last updated this blog and I am extremely sorry for the lack of updates - but honestly, I did not have enough to write about what was going on in my NA adventures! Levelling up heroes is fun, I've enjoyed my games - but the updates, I felt, were a little bit repetitive and I wanted some substantial content before I updated my blog again! So anyway, here I am... ready for Hero League and here's how I got to this point! 

Statistics Summary:
Last time I updated this blog, my win rate had gone down to 54.7% and I am pleased to announce that I managed to get my win rate back up to a respectable 57.1%. However, I need to be honest with you all, I did play a lot of AI games to get Malfurion and Tyrande to level 5 - which MAY have affected that win rate. I already knew how to play both of these heroes pretty well - so just felt like rushing them to level 5 rather than spending time in Quick Match or Unranked. Coincidentally they are now both my most played heroes, so stand together on my 'most played' screen, #couplegoals.

When I last updated this blog my total hero level was 56 and now it is at 81! As I now am able to play hero league, I will no longer need to update you guys on which heroes I have at level 5 (although i will be adding more to my roster at some point), nevertheless, my current 16 man roster is as follows: 
Tanks: Johanna, ETC. I plan to add Muradin, Stitches and Anub'arak so this when I have the chance! It is, however, my least played and least favourite role so, hopefully, I will not have to play it often! 
Assassins: Cassia, Lunara, Valla, Kael'thas, Li-Ming, Raynor. I managed to get Hanzo to level 4, but I do not particularly enjoy playing him so probably wouldn't use him in Hero League anyway.
Supports: Rehgar, Brightwing, Malfurion, Li Li, Lucio, Tyrande. I feel like this is a big enough pool of supports to play in Hero League, for now, but I do hope to add Whitemane, Uther and Alexstrasza to this roster at some point! 
Specialists: Sylvanas, Nazeebo. I've heard Azmodan is good, maybe I should add him too? 

Overall, I have tried to create a well balanced roster which will allow me to comfortably have a hero from each role. I accept that two tank heroes is definitely not enough so I will add some before I start playing Hero league! My highest win rates are with assassin and support though and this is definitely where I am most comfortable. 

Quality of Games:
As I mentioned earlier, I have played A LOT of AI games - which is something I have never actually done before. I wanted to talk about that a little, because I do feel like it's an excellent way to practice new heroes (or rush heroes you know how to play to level 5). 

Furthermore, it allows you to just concentrate on your own game play rather than needing to be aware of what your teammates are doing. I feel like playing these AI games is almost a way to level up without any chance of tilting - not that I tilt very often, but having a lot of bad games in a row due to toxic teammates can be frustrating. 

The games can also work as a total confidence boost in your ability for playing certain heroes. Take Malfurion for example, I know I can play him pretty well - however, when you have a lot of bad games in a row (either in Quick match or any game other game mode), it can totally knock your confidence in your own ability. I mean sure, sometimes I do make mistakes when I play (actually, I make quite a lot of mistakes), but I also know not everything is my fault in every game I lose. So, when I jumped into an AI game and was MVP with these stats as Malfurion, I was pretty chuffed: 

I know it's just an AI game - but I needed that confidence boost... even if I wasn't playing against real players. 

Going into Hero League:
In Europe, my peak was when I reached gold 3 - I was really happy with that. I am currently fighting to get back into gold 5, but I do believe I can do it. So what are my expectation and goals for America's Hero League? I do not expect to be placed in anything higher than Gold, I really hope I do get placed in gold - but honestly who knows as I am a new player. It would be insane to be placed in Platinum, one can dream! I'm also considering playing Team League at some point - so I definitely need to find some friends who are willing to play (or carry) me. The only difficulty with this is finding people who are awake at the same time as me - I'm going to get heckin' bamboozled by time zones

As I said before, I am not going to jump straight into Hero League because I believe I need at least a few more heroes at level 5 before I should attempt my placements. I'm not sure how much win percentage effects your placements/ overall rank - but I would also like to get that a little bit higher before starting ranked. 

I would again like to apologise for being AFK on this blog for over a month now! However, I am back and better than ever! I will continue to update this blog whenever there is something interesting to discuss, going forward. My main questions for this week are: Do you have any advice for when I decide to do my placements? And, What was your first experience of playing Hero League like? Let me know your thoughts in the comments down below! 

As always, you can check out my progress in America and Europe on my twitch channel, Tegank! I hope to see you there!
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Hi, enjoyed the write up. About your questions:
1) There is no perfect Moment for placements. Just make sure u are fresh, concentrated and tillt free. from my experience overall in ranked. If you are about to hit a losing streak, stop play ranked and start over another time/day.
2) my first experience was bad because I was pretty Much a onetrick pony. It has gotten way better the more flexible I got.
Klaus Thank you so much!

I'm usually tilt free, but that's great advice, and stopping play once you're on a losing streak is often difficult to do - but, I totally agree!
And oh no! I'm glad your experience of ranked has got better since then :D