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Tegank's Meme Review: For all of your best Hots memes
I see a lot of great quality memes online, could be via twitter, facebook or discord. I've saved them all to my computer because they've made me laugh and they've just been sitting here in my files - so, I've now decided to share them with you... enjoy! Also I'm going to rank everything in ganks, what does this rating mean? I don't know, it's just for fun Susan. 

For the Varian mains out there: 

Solid meme, 3 ganks out of 5. 

pepoHappy. 4 out of 5 ganks. Made me laugh, would recommend saving this meme. 

Good Bois deserve pets: 

Good bois get best rating, 6 out of 5 ganks. 

The pain of being a support main: 

Too relatable. Crying gank out of 5. 

Throwback to BW rework, 3 ganks out of 5. 

NOTLIKETHIS, too real. 5 ganks out of 5. 

You had one job KT:

YIKES. 5 out of 5 ganks. 

Oof, sorry split pushers:

You hate to see it. 5 simple ganks out of 5. 

And finally, your favourite memes - complaints about teammates: 

Oh no, the pain is real. 3 out of 5 ganks. 

'Can't believe we lost the first team fight, game over, I'm afk, let it end'. 4 out of 5 ganks. 

And there's my collection of some of my favourite memes from this week. Hope you all enjoy them as much as I have! What are your favourite memes?

Gank out.  
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The true review we all didn't know we needed. :D 
Symphony :D Feels Good Man
TFW the memes are too real
Next level
Memes we never wanted, but desperately needed.
Kappa'd + Yay'd
truly some of the best HotS content. 5 blog points out of 5