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Playing in Europe, again? America: Week Three
This week, I decided to play a few games on the European servers - partially because I wanted to show off my region over on the HeroesHearth twitch channel (where we stream every Wednesday!) and partially because I needed to remember what it was actually like to write this blog! As well as this, I have gotten to a level in America where, my teammates know enough about the game to know what they're doing but not enough to shot call or criticise others for how they play, do you get what I mean? More on that later, it's time to look at my statistics for the week! 

Statistics Summary (America)
Last week I finished with a winrate of 60.3% and I'm sad to say my winrate has dropped down to 54.7%, however my games have been getting harder and I appear to be on a losing streak - as I'm learning a few new heroes and it's not going well.

Furthermore, I finished the week at level 41 last week and only managed to get to level 56 this week (so progress has not been as quick as it was previously). However, I did play a lot of games in Europe which is why progress has been slower. I decided to focus more on support heroes, as I'm likely going to be a support main (if I had to pick). The heroes I have reached level five with this week are: Johanna, Sylvanas, Rehgar and Lucio. I am still at level four with Hanzo but I am going to be levelling up E.T.C, Stukov, Greymane and Alexstrasza next week! I had never really played Rehgar or E.T.C before in Europe, but really enjoyed them this week so want to try them more. However, I do need to increase my winrate so may play a few Lunara (winara) games this week. 

Teammates and Communication
As I said earlier, I have got to a level where a lot of the teammates I have are very bossy or think they are better than they actually are. I'm not saying I'm amazing, but I have a fair idea of how to play this game and some of the comments I have seen are coming from people who are, for lack of better words, a bit clueless. They are the kind of player, who will not allow anyone to learn a new hero in Quick Match - even though it doesn't really matter. They have just learnt how to play the game, and want everyone else to know that they're trash compared to them. Now this isn't for comparison between Europe and America, this is simply an observation of lower levelled games. 

Why do I find this frustrating? I'm glad you asked. I find playing against real players as opposed to AI far more interesting and find it more useful for practising new heroes. Now, none of these comments were actually aimed directly at me, but I really feel bad for the people they were aimed at because I don't want such comments to discourage them from playing the game itself. Not everyone is a mean troll, Heroes can be super fun, don't let a mean person discourage you! 

Quality of Games
This week, England was rid of the thunderstorms which seemingly upset my internet and made me unable to play games as easily. Therefore the quality of my games was actually a lot better than before - I didn't experience any major lag and could enjoy games like I did before. It's funny how the weather can make such a difference! That being said, I can't really say the quality of my games was great as I lost so many of them - I had a pretty hard time in America in the past week which is partially why I wanted to return to Europe (just for a change of pace, if anything!). 

Since returning, I've actually had a pretty good time - I've won 17 out of 19 games! A streak... in Hero League... I'm nervous. I managed to get back into Silver 1, up from Silver 2. Usually I finish around gold 5/Silver 1 at the end of the season. For some reason, this season, even though I won 7 out of 10 games I was placed in Silver 2, FeelsBadMan. However, I am working my way back up (and so far, so good!). 

Currently, my winrate overall is 50.2% out of 1,648 games. This season, however, my winrate is a whopping 79.2% (PogChamp) out of 24 games. If i can't get out of silver with that, then I don't think I'll ever get out of silver! With that, I have a 100% winrate with both Li Li and Brightwing, oh no I'm actually a support main. I have not yet attempted Team League but I will update this blog when I get to it. My favourite heroes to play in Europe are Lunara, Lili and Johanna - but I am starting to fall in love with Brightwing after playing her(?) in Americas server.  

Despite some great games in Europe, I got a nice throwback to how self confident some Europeans can be (without having any right to be so self confident). Here's an example, I was in a game with a Raynor who finished the game with 9 deaths. We barely won the game because we had to hard carry this player and I had to focus all my heals on him just to keep him alive (which wasn't great for the rest of my team). He kept chasing down the enemy team and subsequently getting killed (often going in 1 vs 5). At the end of the game, we expected some kind of thanks for carrying him or some kind of acknowledgement that we had done good. What did we get? 


I was all kinds of mad. 

That being said, I do not really have any right to complain about my games in Europe as I have won so many and none of them have been bad at all. 

Despite having a tough week in America, it has not put me off playing on the server at all - I want to push through the losing streak! Being back in Europe for a week has made me re-fall in love with it, however, so I may spend my time equally on both servers in the next few weeks. This will probably be a good thing for comparison between the two servers!

My main questions for this week are: how do you get around players who think they 'know it all'? Is there even a way to get around them, or do you just have to put up with it? I'm super curious as to how to talk to players who it is more difficult to communicate with because they have an ego or for any other reason! Let me know in the comments below! 

As always, you can check out my progress in America and Europe on my twitch channel, Tegank! I hope to see you there, I have just hit 1,500 followers so expect a celebration stream very soon (thank you!!). 

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