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'I'm you, but better!'

Yesterday I saw an interesting thread on the 'Heroes of the Storm Community' Facebook page and wanted to make a blog post about it. The post asked 'I'm you, but better! Which two heroes do you relate to this?' I wanted to share some of my favourites with you all, let me know whether you agree with Heroes of the Storm Community page or not!  

1) Whitemane > Malfurion  

Fate has chosen to be unkind to Malfurion on this day

2) Raynor > every ranged auto-attacker 

Let me send you over to a very handy song, by our very own Darth Coffee, it's called Ban Raynor

3) Hanzo > Valla

'Feel my wrath!' - Valla

4) Murky > All 

Murky one trick btw

5) Probius and Gazlowe 

Facebook couldn't quite decide whether Gazlowe or Probius was superior in the 'I'm you, but better' game. What do you think? I'm a fan of Probius myself, but both can be good (when played correctly!)

6) Samuro > Valeera 

'Time to show our foes how dangerous I really am' - Valeera

7) Any Support > Brightwing 

I like happy things. Like puppies, and rainbows, and... Dead enemies. Brightwing is looking at you, mean Facebook users! 

8) Leoric > D.Va

This one makes me a little bit sad, because I absolutely love D.va. However, I think the Facebook Community users have a point. 

9) Deckard > Lili

'Uh, got something to say?' - Lili
Lili is my main support, but I'll admit it's probably true. 

10) Ana > Tyrande

'A wise decision' - Tyrande

What are your thoughts on the heroes selected for the 'I'm you, but better!' game? Do you agree, or strongly disagree! Let us know (with an explanation) as to why you disagree with the Heroes of the Storm Community page! 
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