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I'm back (again lol)
Hello frens, it has been a while. 

Over the past few weeks, as some of you may have noticed, I have made somewhat of a soft comeback to the world of streaming and content creation. While I do still love streaming, and do wish to do it more often, due to my current circumstances it is not always doable or convenient. That does not mean I have quit streaming, quite the opposite, I have started it again and plan to stream once or twice a week (when and where possible!) At the moment, while I gain confidence in streaming again, my boyfriend (Andrew) is joining me for streams and so far he is quite enjoying it!

Alongside this we have started creating Youtube videos on a channel we like to call Two NPC's and a Guinea Pig (the guinea pig is Olaf, if you hadn't guessed). We would really appreciate it if you threw some support our way, we're just starting out and really appreciate anyone who has shown us some love so far. At this time I believe that, for me, this will be the easiest way of creating content regularly. I can only hope that you guys have as much fun watching the videos as we do creating them! 

(Unrelated image but here is Olaf, he is well and wanted to say hi). 

To start out, we played through Resident Evil 6 - which albeit is not an amazing game, but we had so much fun playing it! For your convenience, I have made a playlist of every game we play - so the Resident Evil 6 one is here. In this series we are just beginning to find our bearings, so bare with us. 

Following this, we have recently started a Dark Souls (Remastered) series and, jeez, it is the hardest game I have ever played and honestly I kind of hate it for at least 75% of the time until I achieve something and then I'm happy with it again. In this series I believe we truly have found our feet and will only grow as 'Youtubers' from here. For example, we have started creating montage videos with funny clips, etc. Andrew is doing the editing for all of the episodes and I, really am, very proud of what he creates! The montage videos are yet to be released, so I guess you could subscribe to make sure you don't miss them! (Yes, this is a shameless self promo blog). So far I have died spectacularly so many times and this is just one example of that.

So, I guess I'm back properly this time. Streams will come, but there is no set schedule as of yet. The best way to keep up with me as always, is on my twitter, where I will let you know when streams will be and when videos are being uploaded. Thank you to everyone who has stuck by me in the past year, it's been a weird year - but one I have come out of for the better. I love you all and I'll see you in the next video (or stream)! 

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