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Mecha Forge Ragnaros: Heroes of the Storm Skin Concept, A Lords of the Storm Community Art Commission

For the last month and a half, I have been working with Heroes community artist Noah Warner on a new community art commission. This was done in conjunction with one of our recently updated Patreon Goals for Lords of the Storm. I wanted to envision a new skin, and a new skin universe for a hero, and our Lords group collectively agreed on Ragnaros as the starting point. From this initial Hero, Noah took my ideas and concept for Mecha Forge Ragnaros, his move set, the look, and everything that went with it and surpassed my expectations in every way. Now, please enjoy the fruits of his artistic labor, as well as some Lore that I wrote up specifically for this release to explain some of this new Heroes Universe, enjoy!

Mecha Forge Ragnaros Concept Gallery


Mecha Forge - Mecha Forge Heroes are old, much older than their newer Mecha children. Made of living metal, these entities hail from a distant Nexus World where the battle between the Mechbots and the Forgecons has raged for centuries...


Varian looked out over the ruins of the Old City, metal hand slowly fingering the hilt of the large blade on his back.

“Our world is dying...isn’t it...”

Varian turned to see Uther walking up to join him. His gold gleaming armor and glowing blue eyes still resonating with the light of the setting sun. A large metallic hammer with a glowing white interior that seemed to pulse and hum, liquid metal flecks dancing from hammer to hand, rested on his shoulder.

“Uther, glad to see that you survived.” Varian said, noticing a break in his friends side that didn’t seem to be mending itself.

Uther followed Varian’s eyes down to his side, putting his hand near the wound. “It’s nothing...truly. Death’s touch always takes longer to recover from.”

Varian’s mouth melded into a grimace. “So, Death survives. What about Ragnaros?”

Uther scowled. “That monster. Yes he survived. He is recouping his strength after burying half the city in molten metal. So many are offline...too many.”

Varian sighed as he stood from where he knelt. His joints were aching. This had gone on for too long. Maybe, just maybe, this would be their chance, while the monster was at his weakest. “Are you up for one more fight, old friend?”

Uther’s mouth melded into a smile. “I will follow you my King, into the Inferno itself, you know that.”

Varian nodded. “Come, it is time to end this.”


Varian and Uther moved quickly across the blackened ground, their feet seamlessly morphing to account for the broken buildings and strewn rubble on the ground before them.

“Just up there.” Uther said, pointing to a large hollowed out dome-like structure a few hundred feet ahead.

“Be on your guard.” Varian said, glowing blue eyes narrowing as he slowed. “He may be weakened, but I’m sure he will anticipate attack.”

Varian and Uther cautiously entered the large structure, their eyes dimming as they quickly moved around the corner. Uther quietly pointed, drawing Varian’s eyes to the far edge of the room. There, sat the massive Ragnaros, a slow whirlpool churn of molten metal holding his armored torso aloft. His eyes were closed, but heat shimmers radiated out from his form.

“I was wondering when you would arrive...” a metallic voice rasped from behind them.

Varian and Uther spun just in time to narrowly avoid a curved laser scythe as it sheared through a chunk of debris just beside them.

There before them hovered a black metallic figure, hooded, with glowing red eyes. Wisps of living metal formed the cloak that hung around him, slowly shifting and undulating back and forth.He held a curved laser scythe in each hand, the red glow lightly framing his form.

“What would you ask of Death...”

The creature struck like a viper, liquid metal body flowing from one stance to the next as the scythe blades whipped back and forth in their deadly dance. It was all Varian could do to defend. Raising his left arm, a shield formed from the liquid metal of his own body, turning the first blow from the laser scythe just in time. The large sword on his back was in his hand in an eye blink, melding into his back, then reforming in his hand as he met the second scythe blow. With a yell, Varian pushed back, slamming his shield arm towards Death while sweeping his sword to the side, the laser-edged blade cutting a gash in the front of the black form. Death recoiled, his body shifting and writhing. Lifting his hands he...pulled...as small chunks of metal flew from the surrounding wreckage, melding with his body and filling in the gash. He straightened again, his black hooded head slowly raising, red glowing eyes filled with hate.


A glowing white hammer crashed into the side of Death’s body, throwing him back against the wall.

“Go!” Uther yelled. “Deal with the monster. The Light will reckon with Death.” Uther turned, his hammer head glowing brightly again as he threw it forward, smashing directly into Death’s chest with a small explosion. The hammer dropped to the ground and seemed to melt, the liquid metal rushing back towards Uther’s outstretched hand, reforming into a hammer on contact.

Varian turned and began rushing towards the still seemingly inactive Ragnaros. As he approached, the monster’s eyes shot open, bright yellowish-white eyes, like the inside of the forge itself. Varian kept running, his feet forming jets and pushing him off in a large, fast, arcing charge towards the infernal monster. Ragnaros lifted his hand, bringing it down in a large sweep in front of him. Varian barely had time to put his shield arm up as Ragnaros’s hand morphed into a large hammer head, smashing into his side. Varian’s shield shattered as the impact threw him back onto the ground. Liquid metal poured from the wound in his arm as he tried to focus enough to stop the retraction.

“Insect!” Ragnaros roared as he raised his hammer hand a second time to crush the fallen Varian.

“Not this time!” Varian yelled, his back sliding open as a large metal rod with a rectangular anvil encrusted on top shot out, planting itself in the ground next to him.

As Ragnaros’s hammer made to make impact, a blue translucent dome sprung to life, surrounding the metal banner, and rippling with the impact of the blow. Ragnaros’s eyes widened as the barrier seemed to absorb the entire impact of his attack. Varian took the moment of surprise to strike. Leaping up, jets once again forming under his feet, pushing him forward in a charge, he let out a yell as he took his sword in both hands and pulled it apart, liquid metal blades seamlessly splitting into two as blue laser edges ignited.

“This is for my colony!” Varian yelled, bringing both blades down towards the large form of Ragnaros.

“This...will be your end!” Ragnaros sneered, liquid metal swirling, as he engaged the King.


Blades clashing, hammers ringing, echoes of war unceasing...this is the story of the Mecha Forge.    

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this is awesome, transformers inspired?
would love to see the design for Death( is it malthael or xul btw)
It is somewhat Transformers inspired! Death is Malthael :)
Cool! tbh, i would love to read the whole story of that world, but thats probably asking too much :)