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Your Teammates Need Your Body
B O D Y _ B L O C K
What do you have that your teammates want? Your body. What is a body block? It is the act of using your characters hitbox to serve as an obstacle. This is an untapped resource that people often over looked. This technique dates back to Warcraft 2! Yes, that old RTS game that your boomer dad played.

W H Y _ B O T H E R
For many, this is an untapped resource! The majority of players think in terms of Health, Mana, Damage, Healing, and CC. Body blocks can serve as an indirect means to those resources. Is your CC on cooldown? A good body block can slow the enemy down. Are you chasing down an opponent but don't have the damage to finish them? Body block so that your team can catch up. A perfect example is shown in this video: Genji's Body As you can see, the body is powerful enough to replace a long duration crowd control.

Most players already use body blocks and they don't even know it. When Nova uses her Triple Tap ultimate - what do most players do? Yep. You've been using it all along. Isn't it time we apply this technique on a broader spectrum of situations?

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