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Warcraft 3 Fight Night: Effect vs. EnTe

Warcraft 3 Fight Night Week 9 begins at 6:30pm C / 11:30pm UTC and features the returning human player Effect as he looks to continue his success against the newcomer Ente. Previously, Effect took out the reigning champion Hitman, an orc player. How will he fair this week against Ente’s swarms of undead monstrosities? Time will tell.

Every other week we feature players with exceptional talent backed by an extensive competitive history. Years of dedication and willpower have led them to this moment. A victor emerges, and the other exits the Fight Night. Before we bear witness to tonight’s event, I was able to ask Ente a few questions. Here’s what he had to say.

AD: How would you evaluate your current skill level? Your greatest strength and weakness?

Ente: My current skill level is, let’s say… upgradeable. Semi-professional while having a full-time job including Saturdays. My greatest strength I would say is remaining calm, even if I’m in a stressful situation or important match, which allows me to make fewer mistakes. Biggest weakness is anything that people might know as “laming,” which means to win a game by cheesy gameplay, where I lose motivation to play against even during the game.

AD: Competitive requires an immense time commitment, what aspect of it all keeps the passion alive?

Ente: Competitive makes you jump from a casual gamer into someone that want’s to prove himself against other players and the will to win. You actually care if you win or lose; the aspect of winning against other players, the benefits and attention that comes with it, it’s quite a feeling that keeps the passion on fire for me.

AD: What are your thoughts on undead in general?

Ente: I feel undead is adjustable. There are some minor changes made, but not into a direction that we would see anything new compared to what the other races changed into, which is quite bad. I would love to not always rush T3, buy orb, upgrade destroyer, and push against the expansion of the opponent, which is the case in every matchup currently.

AD: Thoughts about Effect?

Ente: Effect is an old-school player, I know him from very very back in the days, and I’m glad that he is improving a lot lately. He is a great guy from what I can tell; even I don’t have contact to him beside playing against him.

AD: What are you looking forward to most from Warcraft 3 Reforged?

Ente: I’m looking forward to a rewardable Battlenet system. The Starcraft 2 Battlenet with their leagues; master, grandmaster, silver, diamond and stuff would motivate me much more to play bnet. I also hope Blizzard creates a proladder again, which ends up with the top players getting invited to Blizzcon tournament with prizemoney.

AD: Could you give us a silly story that you’d like people to know about involving you?

Ente: A silly story… alright. I was on the Russian offline event funny WC3 cup in Moscow 09-11.08.19 where I’ve met a lot of people, some for the very first time such as the undead player Shadai. The first thing he told me was that he does remember playing against me in a ladder game years ago where ee fought on the map Turtle Rocks. He said that after some time where I thought I would win, that I wrote him “stop wasting my time, leave.” He didn’t and he had massive amounts of expansion made, which did lead him into a win situation in the end, and wrote me “stop wasting my time, leave.” So that’s how I got to know Shadai on the offline event in real life. 

Catch last week’s episode below, and tune into HeroesHearth Twitch tonight to catch Grubby and Kendric cast the matchup!

Fight Night Sponsors: Ridgebake and Cylance

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