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Podcast: HeroesNews with Jules Scott - Episode 18 featuring Vipey


Episode 18 of HeroesNews with Jules Scott is out! It's your quick and easy way to get your Heroes of the Storm and HGC news in 10 minutes or less each week.

Click the play button above to listen right now.

In this episode:
-A new balance patch is live - who got buffed and nerfed
-The Call of the Nexus is now in Quick Match
-Quick Match will now prioritize roles to make better games
-Volskaya Foundry hotfix
-New in-game loot and community giveaways
-The latest HGC roster changes

This week, Jules chats with Twitch content creator Vipey, who brings a unique spin to streaming Heroes of the Storm through complex and detailed overlays, drag personas, and a fierce determination to keep growing and evolving as an artist. This honest and inspiring interview talks about finding your own voice and being your true self without limits or fear.

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