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Podcast: HeroesNews with Jules Scott - Episode 15 featuring Bakery and Disconcur!


Episode 15 of HeroesNews with Jules Scott is out! It's your quick and easy way to get your Heroes of the Storm and HGC news in 10 minutes or less each week.

Click the play button above to listen right now.

In this special post-BlizzCon episode:
-The game's first original hero, Orphea, is coming to the Nexus!
-Call of the Nexus Bonus announced for Quick Match
-Stimpacks renamed to boosts and now award bonus XP to all players in the match
-All the changes coming for 2019 that were shared at BlizzCon
-A recap of the HGC finals

This week has two interviews that were recorded live from BlizzCon!

Jules was able to catch up with Disconcur, ANZ caster and Twitch content creator, talking about the challenges of minor regions and what changes could improve the competitive scene for ANZ.

The show's second interview features HGC support legend Bakery, where he shares details about his new role with Dignitas, what he misses most about competitive play and the lessons he's learned about himself and about life.

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