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Mondays: Rank Win!

Monday's are a whole lot hotter! Rank Win Team League Stream!  

If HeroesHearth Wednesday's wasn't fun enough, get ready for a new show on the HeroesHearth Twitch on Mondays: The classic Rank Win! Five of our favorite streamers will party up and get down for Team League action! Our first show will be this coming Monday, October 15th, at 7pm CST and will feature THE MFPallytime, Kiyeberries, AlexDidz, Owlbuddy, and our HHE pro player Homi!  
Make sure you don't miss a second by following us on Twitch NOW to get alerts when we go live!  
See you at 7 ;)
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Hoping to see Heroes Unite make a return as well!
This is cool, I'm glad you've found a place to continue playing with Pally :)
Hell ya! I will def. check this out next week!