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HeroesHearth Esports Announces Fifth for BlizzCon

Words By Kiyeberries
Special Interview with JulesScott from HeroesNews

After the departure of Arthelon in early September, HeroesHearth has been running their remaining HGC games with a variety of subs including TalkingTrees and streamer BamBam, but no more!
HHE is proud to announce the newest permanent member to the team: Homi

Cesar “Homi” Peterson had previously played on Open Division teams such as XD and is known in the scene for having tried out for multiple HGC teams. In the past he has played melee and off-lane roles, but that slot is currently happily filled by McIntyre. Homi’s possible new role and Hero pool are a surprise for HGC games to come!
Homi will be featured in this week's HHE Wednesdays stream (9pm-12pm CST) for more, and be sure to click the above podcast interview and read the below interview to introduce him to HHE fans and learn more about him. 

How long have you been playing Heroes of the Storm? What are a couple amazing memories you have of playing the game?
I've been playing HotS for about 3 and a half years. My favorite memories were probably when I five man moshed HHE (noobs) and single handedly won us a game against them in crucible, and when Even in Death beat No Tomorrow, there were a lot of people flaming me/us and afterwards a lot of people were confused, it was pretty funny.  
Which Blizzard Universe (WoW, SC, Diablo) that contributes to HotS is your favorite?
WoW is my favorite universe, I never played Diablo or SC and WoW was the one that got me into HotS. I was debating on whether or not to try a moba and HotS happened to become free to play at the time so I said "why not try playing a moba as my favorite characters".
Who is your favorite Hero? It doesn’t have to be a hero you play (mine is Arthas, but I main support!)
Favorite hero for sure is Illidan. Really enjoy his playstyle and all the cool stuff you can do with him. Pretty sure he's the hero I've played the most competitive games on as well.

We have some big personalities on HHE, what can we expect you to bring personality wise? For HHE fans who aren’t familiar with you, describe yourself a little!
Personality wise, I like to joke around and tease a lot, so if someone ends up making a silly misplay I'll joke with them about it for a bit. So when BBJ misses a stun (like he always does) or Mcintyre feeds (like he always does) I'll joke around with them about it. When it's time to win I'm super serious though

While trying out for the team, were you nervous or did you feel something like an instant conection?
I think I had a pretty easy time fitting in with the team since when tryouts started I had just got done subbing for Mcintyre and I've been good friends with BBJ for a while now. BBJ and Mc also have a similar sense of humor to me so we usually joke around a lot and just have fun playing together

Is there any player on the team you are extra excited to play with?
I think I'm most excited to play with Mc since I've looked up to him when I was an offlane player for a while and I always thought he was one of, if not, the best player in NA.  
How about players you are excited to play against?
I think the two players I'm looking forward to playing against are Rich and Wubby. I think they're the two best players in the world and I've looked up to both of them the most when trying to improve myself. It's crazy to think I'm playing against them already.

Beside “Winning Blizzcon!” what are some other HGC goals you have?
For now, my HGC goals are just play hard practice hard and become as good of a player as I can then see how it goes from there. This is my first moba and esport I've played so it's mostly unexplored territory, I just wanna go as far as I can and see where it takes me

You’ve had a long journey making it to HGC, what is the biggest thing you’ve learned or your biggest take away from your climb?
Biggest thing I've learned is to try to keep a positive outlook on everything and no matter how bad things get to keep on going. I've had a lot of unfortunate stuff happen to me and have had a rocky road but I just kept looking forward and now I'm on the best team in NA playing at Blizzcon so it's insane how things turn around.
How do you feel?
It feels like I'm dreaming and I'm gonna wake up soon or something. It feels so amazing

It’s your first HGC game with the team, what do you want to see chat spam for you?
For all my subs out there, spam my emote! :homici1XD: 
For the non subs make sure to LUL when I feed
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