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MichaelUdall- Update on HGC ownership
After the most recent playoffs, I was undecided if I wanted to continue playing pro because I felt frustrated by our performance and felt excited about my stream's growth. I was upfront and honest with my team and my stream informing them that I hadn't made up my mind. I've had a two year goal to go to Blizzcon, and if I was going to continue playing, I wanted a shot to play on that stage this year.
I am now the team owner of our team's HGC spot. As far as Aka and Fury owning the spot, they never did. I believe they may have had a conversation with Ryan (GFE's owner and previous owner of the HGC spot) that led them to believe he was going to give it to them, and that's why Aka published that information online. Ryan had every right and option to give the spot to them, but while the spot was still in Ryan's hands, he chose instead to give it to Blizzard. Blizzard interviewed GFE players and staff and deemed nothing shady was going on behind the scenes and all team members were eligible for the spot. Blizzard then decided the only fair way to decide the spot was to allow the 5 GFE players to vote on who the ownership should go to. That's how I got the spot.

Bkid, Bigempct, and my decision of removing Aka and Fury from the team was not personal. At the end of the day, EVERY pro player wants to give themselves the best chance to win and makes roster moves according to that logic. If Bkid and Bigempct thought playing with Aka or Fury gave them a better chance to win over playing with me, they would have pursued playing on a team with them.

As a viewer, you don't see the whole picture of team dynamics. At a maximum, you see us play 10 games on the weekend, but you don't see the 50-60 games of practice leading up to the weekend. You don't see how players respond to constructive criticism. You don't see if a player consistently mentally shows up to practice or not. You don't see if a player is grinding and practicing in their off time. There are so many factors that go into these decisions to make roster changes, but at the end EVERY PRO PLAYER'S GOAL AND PURPOSE IS TO WIN. We do whatever we can to try and find the best chance to win.

Being a pro player has its highs and lows, and I'm grateful for my association with GFE and all the support they provided. Bkid, Bigempct, and I have exciting plans for the future of the team – we’ll be ready to announce our full roster for Phase 2, and our new team name and logo, soon!

Thank you all for continuing to support me i appreciate you guys <333333333
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"Blizzard then decided the only fair way to decide the spot was to allow the 5 GFE players to vote on who the ownership should go to. That's how I got the spot.

Bkid, Bigempct, and my decision of removing Aka and Fury from the team was not personal."


Yeah, that doesn't sound shady, personal, political, etc. AT ALL
Niriw Do you have a better suggestion for how one would handle a situation like this fairly? I can't think of one superior to giving each player a solo interview to voice all their opinions and tell the story from their point of view, and then pending no heinous shit being revealed, let the players decide democratically amongst themselves. Like, obviously they've spent so much time around each other, enjoying each others company and getting frustrated by their pratfalls, that it won't be completely objective and impersonal. Such is the nature of team based competition. That doesn't mean a coin flip will trend toward more fair outcomes, you've gotta be realistic.
Man, no one comes out looking pretty from this. I hate to be harsh but: How can anyone possibly root for a team/player after drama surrounds it/them like this? GFE clearly hasn't ever lacked in skill or talented players... I'm not sure why all of this had to happen. "We want to improve our chances at winning" seems like such a bogus excuse that just gets repeated time and time again.

Good luck with your new roster, I suppose, but I have a feeling we'll be hearing this same type of announcement again before long...
Non pro players commentating on stuff they see through a pinhole is hilarious. Excuse or reason, who are you to judge? Unless there is an official statement from Blizzard contradicting his statement on how this situation was handled, I'm inclined to believe him. Furthermore, if you knew what players were being released into the scene from other teams, and your main goal is to get to Blizzcon, considering the performance in last phase you would need to make a change.

As to who gets removed? Democratic voting is a political thing. And in politics there are winners, and losers. In a vote on who secures ownership and you have 3 members vote for one and 2 members vote for the other, that means 3 winners, 2 losers. By that logic, the 3 winners are the inner circle and have majority decision making power. The situation is up to two members are available to pick up, and your team just had a 3-2 split in votes. Seems to me deciding the 2 odd people out is pretty cut and dry, regardless of skill or personal connections.

In this case, Bkid and bigEmpact believe that MichaelUdall is the man to get it done. He, not akaface or Fury, were their best chance to get to Blizzcon. Fury posted a thing about his not understanding being removed based on play, but he admits not seeing eye to eye with Michael on the shot calls, which I would identify as a legitimate reason in which to be removed. There was also a conversation posted in a discord I am apart of, a conversation with CavalierGuest (ex GFE coach) defending MichaelUdall's ability to shot call and naming specifically akaface and Fury for not always following Mike's calls and forcing him to compromise for worse ones. You're team has to be able to move as one, something that GFE has struggled to do for quite a while since the original roster was changed. If I was Mike, I would want to trade 2 people who wont faithfully follow my lead for 2 new players who might actually.

I guess that is what we will see. Can the new additions finally gel ex-GFE into a synergistic monster, or will they continue to struggle to make it happen. I think Mike can do it, I guess that's why I will still be rooting for them in the next phase I guess.