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McIntyre Patch Overview - July 25 2018


What is up Heroeshearth, McIntyre here, bringing you a write up for the new patch notes found over here. Wanted to talk about the biggest changes for me and the least impactful


-Malf Iceblock Gone

Praise the Lord, to me the one ability to made this guy above the rest. Giving a support the ability to protect himself from incoming burst damage (idk let's say a Hanzo Arrow) whilst also giving his team the time to protect his neck was so annoying to play against for the past few years and I'm incredibly excited to punish out of position Malfurions without knowing in the back of my head I have to force the iceblock before I can really commit to killing the hero. 10/10 blessRNG

Alarak Auto Buff- 
While the change isn't a huge game changing buff to me it shows Blizzards interest in buffing melees which is incredibly exciting to think about. I remember the days when I could outplay people with explosive Kerrigan plays and those days have been long gone since offwarrior buff changes. I know for certain I'm all for more buffs so I have hope to see more in the future.

Enjoying Cho'gall mains tears - 
No more unstoppable on 16 Q, we can finally shut down the unstoppable choochoo of death from healing 3000 health and being unstoppable. I think this change will really hurt Cho's late game scaling as stun locking will be an option post 16 to stop both healing and movement. I think after the removal of unstoppable on diablo Q + muradin E this is a healthy change.

Orbiting BFG no longer threating - 
No more clock put on your team once the hammer team hits 20 now that BFG no longer deals structure damage. While I think this was a interesting mechanic to the game it was one that had 0 counterplay and was not enjoyable at all to deal with but was great to have play with. Think it was smart and also targets the ARAM community.

Hanzo E -
Nice nerf, too much vision provided for too long. I talk more about this in the video

Blaze Bunker 35 second CD - 
Level 1 CDR no longer tackling bunker CD, I like this change but as a Blaze 1 trick FeelsBadMan


Azmo Early -

I already liked Azmo he now has less scaling but better early and late game, while he is currently my One Trick in Hero League I think this will up his overall game experience and am excited for the changes to his kit and his E CDR

Artanis OP? - 
So many changes I need to try them out, this guy could be what we have wanted him to be all along with these changes. His issue has also been mobility so will have to try out his new kit to see if he feels any better


Tracer Genji Nerfs, again - 

Will still be powerful when their kits are used right, but when will we just accept it's their kits not their numbers

Rest can be found on my youtube video which I will upload and link below (Not uploaded yet)
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