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Stats For BlizzCon: Mindfreak (ANZ)

Stats for BlizzCon: Mindfreak

Written by: Dthehunter
Edited by: Buckingham

Hailing from Australia, Mindfreak (formerly Nomia) have competed at the top level both regionally and nationally. With showings at nearly every major event, they are the source of many an upset in the professional scene and have now qualified for BlizzCon by winning the International Clash. Let's discover what they like to pick and ban, their map preferences, and the performance of each player on the team. The following data comes from masterleague.net and is dated from 06/26/18 until 09/19/18.


Top of Their Class in ANZ

They have been doing pretty well thus far, managing to pick up an 83% win ratio in the 36 matches they played and sporting an impressive KDA of 3.1, with 14.4 takedowns and 4.6 deaths. With a hero pool of 42 unique heroes picked, their diversity is pretty good too. 

Their picks and bans have fallen into relatively consistent patterns. Their top ban priorities include Genji with a ban rate of 52% (19 games), Maiev with a ban rate of 25% (9 games) and Hanzo, Fenix and Abathur with a ban rate of 16% (6 games). Their most common hero choices are Blaze with a pick rate of 38% (14 games), Deckard with a 36% pick rate (13 games) and Hanzo, Yrel and Junkrat with a 25% pick rate (9 games).

Overall the the most influential heroes in their drafts are Genji with a whopping draft involvement of 72% (26 games), Blaze with a draft involvement of 41% (15 games) and Hanzo with a draft involvement of 41% (15 games). Their comfort composition consists of 2 warriors, 2 assassins, and a support. 

With 7 picks in total, Towers of Doom is clearly a favorite map for them, but it doesn't seem they're entirely successful on it. Their win rate on ToD is a measly 57%, the worst of all their maps. Braxis Holdout, Cursed Hollow and Sky Temple saw relatively little action with only two games on each. They managed a 100% win ratio on all the maps besides Towers, Infernal (83%), Tomb and Volskaya (both 75%). Their longest game lasted for 25:23 and their shortest game was 09:20, with the average match time being 17:31. 

Just a glance at the data confirms how well they are playing and taking advantage of the meta heroes that EU, KR and NA are all using. Mindfreak can be a scary opponent and shouldn’t be taken lightly, especially in their own region. However, they are big fish in a small pond; on the global stage, their nearly one-sided dominance will likely get turned on its head as they head into shark-infested waters. They also have a major disadvantage in that their region’s HGC structure is so different that they won't be able to get the kind of consistent practice that major regions offer.

Player Data


FAT94 is the main tank player for Mindfreak, with common picks being Anub’arak (8), Muradin (7), and Garrosh (6). Occasionally, FAT94 has played off role as Auriel, Raynor, Stitches and Valla (1 each).  Despite the non-warriors in his pool of picks, 33 out of the 36 games played he has played were on the warrior role.

Comparing his stats to regular players offers some more solid statistics. On Anub’arak he has an adequate 50% win ratio and a PPR (personal performance ranking) of 62/100, meaning he is performing above average. His Muradin win ratio is 85.7% and has a PPR of 68/10, again an above average performance. On Muradin he scored the best in KDA with 84/100 pts. His Garrosh is sitting at a 100% win ratio with a PPR of 75/100, putting him in the top percentile. He scored best in time alive with a 91/100pts.


John is the team’s main assassin. His top picks include Hanzo (8), Junkrat (6) and Raynor, and Li-Ming (4), as well as a few others including Fenix, Azmodan, Falstad, Tyrande, Tychus, Jaina and Kerrigan (1 each). He has only deviated from the assassin role twice in all games played, both times on Tassadar.

Let’s check out how he performed on his most played heroes compared to other players. His Hanzo has a win ratio of 87.5% and a PPR of 46/100, an average performance. He scores very well on both KDA and time alive with 64/10, but has an abysmal 18/100 on siege damage. With Junkrat he has a 66.7% win ratio and a PPR of 58/100, resulting in an above average score. His highest result is in time alive at 70/100. Bottom line: John stays alive on ranged assassins, making him a constant DPS threat.


The team’s solo laner, his default picks are Blaze (13) and Yrel (9). His least played heroes include Thrall, Muradin, Dehaka, Gul’dan, Stitches, Illidan, Leoric and Li Li (1 each) 

Now we compare his scores to the average player. His Blaze has a win ratio of 92.3% with a PPR 57/100, an above average score. He scores the best in KDA and time alive with 80/100. His Yrel sits at a win rate of 88.9% with a PPR of 54/100, slightly above average. He scores the best in time alive as well with 74/100. It's unsurprising that Ryoo has pretty much only played Blaze and Yrel in the last few patches, but...oh well, what were you expecting?


Vanilla is the flex player of the team, playing a variety of roles and filling whatever the team needs. He has played Genji (7), Thrall (5) and Fenix (5) the most, and Garrosh, Medivh, Blaze, Diablo, Hanzo, Tyrande and Jaina (1 each) the least.

Vanilla’s scores are generally above average compared to most players. His Genji has a win rate of 85.7% and with a PPR of 66/100, reasonably high above the average. He scores the best in KDA with 73/100 and the worst in Hero Damage with 58/100. His Thrall has a win ratio of 80% with a PPR of 59/100, again above average. He scores the best in time alive with 81/100 and the worst in Hero Damage 44/100. Vanilla’s Fenix has a 80% win ratio and a PPR of 49/100, just about average. He scores the best in KDA with 55/100 and the worst in Hero Damage with 41/100. Based on these statistics, Vanilla trends toward a safer playstyle that relies heavily on poke damage.


Madhax, the newest addition to the team, is also the support. His favorite picks are Deckard (13), Kharazim (7) and Malfurion (7), with his least played heroes being Ana and Lt. Morales. 

Let’s check out how he performed on his most played heroes compared to other players. His Deckard has a 76.9% win ratio with a PPR of 50/100, which is exactly average. He scores the best in KDA with 63/100. Maxhax’s Malfurion has a win ratio of 85.7% and a PPR of 66/100, which is quite high above average. The best score is in Experience with 81/100 and the worst score is Hero Damage with 49/100. His Kharazim has a perfect 100% win ratio and a PPR of 73/100, which is just below excellent. He scored the best in time alive with 95/100 and the worst score is siege damage at 62/100. The stats for Madhax are honestly all over the place, so it's hard to describe his playstyle based on numbers alone. In any case, it's clear that Madhax has a wide array of skills and playstyles, which could make him invaluable as the support meta continues to evolve.


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