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Heroes Weekly Podcast Roundup - 9/30/18 thru 10/6/18

Welcome to the weekly informative post highlighting and summarizing audio podcast talk shows dedicated to discussing Heroes of the Storm. HotS has a number of dedicated podcasts each week that discuss all aspects of the game. Listening to podcasts is a great way to stay connected to discussions about HotS when you are away from the game, Discord, or Reddit. If you are new to podcasts this (Link) provides a good overview for beginners and this (Link) is for a good podcast search engine.

Podcasts for 9/30/18 thru 10/6/18

Storm Chasers (WebSite Link) (RSS Feed)
10/2/18 - (Hebrew Podcast) Running down warriors in HotS and discussion of the new season.

Core (Website Link) (RSS Feed)
10/3/18 - The crew discusses Team League, Blizzard panels, and the departure of Mike M.

Mastering the Storm (Website Link) (RSS Feed)
10/3-7/18 - Wenzeltron and LDAP get caught in a temporal loop between Wednesday and Sunday and discuss a Freak-o-nomics podcast series on sports and how it connects to eSports future, HCG playoff hype, rundown ChaosOS's patch predictions leading up to and past Blizzcon, as well as hero discission on Mephisto and Yrel.

Lords of the Storm (Website Link) (RSS Feed)
10/3/18 - The Zords discuss Mike Morhaime's announcement, Blizzcon schedule, her speculation, HeroesHearth new member, HGC final group stages A&B, Crucible predictions, Brightwing rework, and community content featuring Ana's Plague Doctor Skin, Hearthstone map concept, and the Master Ragnaros Guide.

Into the Nexus (Website Link) (RSS Feed)
10/4/18 - Garrett & Kyle discuss the fresh Team League experience and playing it solo, how overtuned Kerrigan is, and Blizzcon predictions

HeroesNews with Jules Scott (Website Link) (RSS Feed)
10/4/18 - Heroeshearth.com's Jules Scott breaks down the playoff weekend for NA and EU, upcoming Korean playoffs & Crucible predictions, and interviews ANZ Twitch personality KidKerrigan.

GankBush Squad (Website Link) (RSS Feed)
10/4/18 - The crew discussions Team League, event quests, Xul main tank, why lower league players man not learn supports (Really?) bush league recap, and an iTunes review from a listener.


Realm Maintenance (Link) provides a comprehensive list of Blizzard related podcast active for the past 6 weeks.

If your favorite podcast is missing from this weeks list, it is because they have not broadcast in the past 7 days. Only HotS talk shows with an audio podcast are listed, Twitch and YouTube only show will not make the list until they make an audio podcast.

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