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So the WoW Classic BETA is over...
... But the fun is only just beginning!!
The Pathfinder 2 achievement is so easy to grind in War Mode with friends in the sky.
I've been in LOVE with the 8.2 patch of World of Warcraft again. I don't know what it is. Something has lit a fire inside me the same as when I first so much fell in love with Azeroth. I think it has something to do with taking a burnout break for 6 months, then being able to experience a taste of Classic again.
I feel like it's changed my perspective. I'm not looking for the BEST guild, the BEST gear, or the BEST faction ratio. I've been giving myself the freedom and the liberty to just enjoy the experience again. To help others with their grind, and throw myself into skirmishes and laugh at my 5 minute re-spawn timer.
I had great experiences recently being able to come to the rescue of fellow horde and give someone a lift on my flying mount (finally got Pathfinder 2 - woot!) to finish their quests in the area I'm patrolling more efficiently. The reception to small acts of kindness like that has been positive so far.
BUT I'm also excited for new content. Part of the reason I'm so excited to help others gear up and grind is I want to empower us to have the freedom to SEE NEW STUFF. Run the new Operation: Mechagon mythic, or kick Azshara's butt. So, if you're a horde warrior looking for friends to help. Please let me know! Also, feel free to join our faction-neutral community for both Retail and Classic WoW, or follow the directions here to join the Horde-specific retail WoW community! Note that for faction-specific communities, you'll have to repeat the steps for each character that you want to be in that community.
Are you more excited for Classic WoW? I'll be heading to the recently announced OCE servers on launch. If you're a fellow streamer or want to level together horde side, ALSO JOIN THE COMMUNITY! :D Please let me know if you're a streamer so I can make you a mod, which will let you invite your friends too!
See you in Azeroth, champions!
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