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Johanna is my most played hero and this is the build that I usually go for in 80% of my games. Highest rank achieved: Master. 

The "Lawn Mower" build (the combination of Eternal Retaliation, Blessed Momentum and Holy Fury) on Johanna makes her one of the fastest lane-clearing tanks. Besides that, she is extremely tanky, has a panic button (Iron Skin - D) and has CC (Condemn - W), (Blessed Shield - R2).

Build (Click the Header for my Notes):

Laws of Hope
Activate to heal 30% of Johanna's maximum Health over 4 seconds. Passive: Regenerate 1.5 Health per second.
Eternal Retaliation
Lower the cooldown of Condemn by 0.75 seconds and refund 3 Mana for every enemy hit. Maximum of 8 targets.
Blessed Momentum
Basic Attacks reduce your Basic Ability cooldowns by 0.5 seconds.
Blessed Shield
Deal 114 damage and stun the first enemy hit for 1.5 seconds. Blessed Shield then bounces to 2 nearby enemies, dealing 57 damage and stunning them for 0.75 seconds.
Holy Fury
Deal 12 damage per second to nearby enemies. Each Hero hit by Condemn increases this damage by 40% for 5 seconds.
Holy Renewal
Every enemy Hero affected by Shield Glare restores 114 Health.
Upon taking fatal damage, Johanna gains a Shield equal to her maximum Health for 4 seconds.

Ability rotation on lane:
"Condemn - (W)" -> auto attack -> "Punish - (Q)"-> auto attack until "Condemn - (W)" is back. Repeat.

Common mistake: Don't use "Condemn - (W)" in the middle of a minion wave. The (W) pulls all the minions in 360° closer to Johanna, which is in the center of the ability, so to get the best value you must have all the minions in 180° of the ability. This way they will get stacked better and you can easily follow up with a "Punish - (Q)" without running out of minions to have a perfect angle.

Her kit makes her a great pick against Heroes like:

ETC Johanna has 2 abilities to cancel a "Mosh pit - (R)". 1) By using "Blessed Shield - R2". 2) By using "Condemn - (W)" and running in to the "Mosh pit". This can be used in combination with "Iron Skin - (D)", but the radius of her (W) is enough to reach him.

Tychus - Many tanks struggle to live long against this hero, since their HP gets melted with his D (Mini Gun). This ability gets countered by Johanna's "Shield Glare - (E)",

Zul'jin - Since Zul'jin is really dangerous when he is low on HP - he is that type of a hero that you wish to either not deal damage to or kill. Make sure to keep "Shield Glare - (E)" until he gets low on HP or uses "Taz'dingo - (R)".

Maiev - Johanna's "Iron Skin - (D)" allows her to ignore Maiev's pulls and "The Warden's Cage - (R)". Besides that by pulling Maive closer with a "Condemn - (W)" Johanna can prevent her allies to get dislocated. 

The Butcher - Butcher does not like blinds and CC and Jojo has both of those things:  "Shield Glare - (E)", "Condemn - (W)" and "Blessed Shield - R2".

Her kit makes her a great pick with Heroes like:

Azmodan - Johanna is the best tank to help  Azmodan gain stacks, since "Condemn - (W)"  stacks the minions together, Make sure to use the (W), then let Azmodan (Q) and then immediately kill what ever minions stayed alive.

Cassia - If Cassia has "Ring of the Leech" on LVL 4, Johanna can help her to heal (Johanna "Shield Glare - (E)" and Cassia follows with "Fend - (E)"). This can be done both on minions or on enemy heroes.
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