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Heccu: Interview with Fnatic BadBenny
Greetings, Hearthlings! Heccu here. :)

For many months I used HeroesHearth to check out guides, but never thought about making a blog... UNTIL TODAY! So, here it is! 

While fans are still getting used to the new rosters, I had a small talk with Benny before he left for Gold Club in China. He shares his thoughts about  the recent changes and much more!

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The list of questions asked:
Q: How are you doing Benny?
Q: Are you still BadBenny or are you now just Benny?
Q: From the role of a main tank, you’re switching to off tanks and melees. Is this a position, on which you had experience in the past, or do you still have to master it?
Q: Do you think you'll miss Adrds crazy drafts? 
Q: Do you think Fnatic might be a little bit less flexible in drafts with the new roster?
Q: Which teams do you think became stronger and which became weaker after all the changes?
Q: Do you feel ready for Gold Club in China?
Q: Fnatic had a small advantage comparing to other European teams, since they were using their mother language for in game communication. Do you think it might be hard to change the old habit?
Q: Do you think that coming back to Fnatic is a good reason for Mene to learn some Swedish?

Social Media:  

Guest - BadBenny
Twitter: twitter.com/FnaticBenny
Twitch: twitch.tv/badbennyhots

Interviewer - Heccu  
Twitter: twitter.com/Hency_Heccu  
Twitch: twitch.tv/heccu  

The interview was made on November 22nd 2017.
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