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Week of 10.6: Top Champions for Ranked
Hello! It's time to start diving into the meta for 10.6! Let me preface this week with the meta is always shifting each day as everyone is still in the process of learning so I'll certainly try my best to be accurate to the current meta but it may change drastically at the end of the week. Today is of course top champions for ranked! These are champions that dominate the meta or are key aspects to different parts of the game. It's a bit early to really have a feel for what's the best early and mid game carries but there's definitely a few stand out champions! Anyway let's get into it!

Before I get into the specifics about ole Gangplank I should point out this list will be heavily favored towards five cost champions. It's a big part of the meta currently of playing for a lot of the five cost champions because they are a bit over tuned at the moment. Anyway back to why Gangplank is so good! His traits aside he just does so. much. damage. His ultimate is quite a large AoE with high base damage and on top of all that you can upgrade it to be even stronger! Taking into account his traits he's mostly played for the Demolitionist tag in a Rebels composition. Which, by the way, is kind of nutty that he can stun with his ability since it hits almost the entire board. The TL;DR of Gangplank is he's super strong right now.

Onto the next five cost wrecking ball we have Miss Fortune. She's maybe not quite as reliable as Gangplank because she can straight up miss with her ultimate but when she does hit, she hits real hard. And since she's a mercenary you can get really strong upgrades to her ultimate like larger cone, more waves and shielding. She's easily slotted into most compositions late game though you're likely to see her in Cybernetics or Brawler/Blaster. She also works well in Rebel just as a stand-in DPS. She can be interrupted when she uses her ability and can straight up target the wrong champion so she at least has downsides unlike Gangplank.

The Protoss carrier, er, Aurelion Sol, is a staple of the Rebel meta we currently find ourselves in. Paired with Gangplank the duo form a nasty combo as Gangplank weakens the enemy board with big ole AoE and Aurelion Sol flies around cleaning up the rest. Look to give this starship Deathcap, Morellonomicon and Seraphs and watch them fly around killing everything. Being a Rebel is also one of the major reasons Aurelion is on the list since he's a big part of that build and survives a super long time when he's given all the shields.

I did say this list was five cost heavy, didn't I? Lulu isn't quite as flashy as the other three five cost above her but don't let that distract you from the fact she can hard carry fights with her ultimate. Not only can she CC four enemies for three seconds at level two the polymorph effect causes the champions to bounce around and get out of position. On top of all that she's got the Mystic trait which makes her really easy to slot in at level 8 or 9. Even with ignoring her traits she's one of the best late game standalone champions to play. Throw her in the front-line to get her ultimate off against important champions like Gangplank or keep her in the back to CC Infiltrators off your carry, however you position her she's going to get a lot of value.

Ekko is strong but not as dominating as the other five cost champions on this list. Don't get me wrong, he can do a lot but he feels more item dependent to truly shine. That said the fact he stops the board meaning effects that were happening will end, such as canceling Miss Fortunes ultimate, makes him quite versatile late game. Often you're going to see him mostly in a Cybernetics build but he fits well late game in a lot of different builds by himself just for the effect of his ability. What's also nice about his ultimate is it applies on-hit effects so giving him a Morellonomicon makes him incredibly valuable late game as he hit every enemy on the board.

Vi is back in set three with the same impact she had in set one as a strong front-line option with good CC and damage. Generally you will play her for her traits so either in Cybernetics or Brawlers but that aside she's just a great front-line option for the mid game all by her lonesome. What really makes her shine is her traits though as Brawler is one of the stronger front-line options in set three and the bonus health from Cybernetics makes her ultra tanky. Personally she's one of my favorite champions to run as she has a rare mix of being strong defensively and offensively.

Another strong three cost champion is Shaco. Now, like Vi, he is definitely less of a solo champion and more played because of his traits but that's totally fine because he can straight up carry fights. Look to give him AD items like Bloodthirster, Deathblade or Infinity Edge and watch him one shot champions left and right late game. He does work best with Infiltrators though Dark Star is a fine choice as having a chance to boost his damage makes him do even more insane amounts of damage. Generally when you play Shaco carry it's best to three-star him so keep that in mind in the compositions you play him.

Mordekaiser feels like he's maybe a bit under utilized a lot of games but I think most people know how strong of a champion he is, especially for a two cost. He's super hard to kill and does a good amount of damage with his ultimate. I'd say the main downside to him is Vanguard is a bit niche at the moment instead of a staple front-line option but as we move forward in set three I fully expect him to become a staple champion in a lot of early and mid game builds. He's another champion that can carry really hard as a three-star, especially when given items like Ionic Spark, Bramble Vest and Guardian's Angel.

Some of this list almost feels like I'm talking about set one as Lucian is a great early and mid game carry option just like he was way back that first set. With Red Buff being a bit over tuned at the moment he can straight up win early rounds just with that item alone. Mix in the fact Cybernetic is one of the best options early on and that he transitions really well late game into Blasters or Cybernetics makes Lucian an all around great champion to play right now. Not much else needs to be said about him other than it's nice to see him back as a real carry instead of the rather disappointing showing he had in set two.

And lastly we have Ziggs! Ziggs may not seem like he's that strong but he is probably one of the most commonly played champions in the game right now because of his traits, Rebel and Demolitionist. What really makes him shine is how great he is at holding onto Aurelion Sol items in the early and mid game. With his ultimate only costing 40 mana it means giving him a Seraphs will make him into almost a machine gun like champion. Without items he is a bit lackluster and he does become just a trait bot later in the game but when you can itemize him properly early game and play him with early Rebel he's going to hard carry.
That's it for today's article folks! It's definitely going to be a few weeks before we really solidify just what are the best champions though I think so far we all know that most of the five cost champions are a wee bit too strong. Poor Thresh though is sitting in the corner wanting to be as strong as the other legendary champions but don't worry buddy I'm sure you'll be as good as the others at some point! Anyway, thank you for reading and hopefully you've found this article helpful for ranked!

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