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Week of 10.16: Top Items for Ranked
Hello! We're nearing the end of my 'week of' articles on the 10.16 meta. As usual I'll be covering top items in ranked. These items are common to see every game and have a large impact on the game, whether that's due to their utility, defensive qualities or as damage items to help carries. Let's get to it!

Up first we have to talk about Hand of Justice. The buffs this item received were amazing as the healing now affects both physical auto-attacks and spell damage. There's a wide variety of champions that can use it effectively now but above all of them there's Mech. Given how high the base damage is for the Super-Mech's auto-attacks and spell damage it's no surprise to see players prioritizing HoJ for it. It will heal so much with this item it's crazy. Besides Mech it's great for a lot of champions so if you want to grab an all-around great item look to make a Hand of Justice.

Next I need to talk about Guardian's Angel. Why? Because Gangplank is back in the meta. With a Guardian's Angel you're guaranteeing that Gangplank gets at minimum one cast of his ability off which is hugely impactful in a fight. Of course outside of Rebels and Gangplank you're going to get value from GA but in the current meta the number one champion to consider giving it to is going to be Gangplank for sure.

Keeping with the theme of Gangplank items, Ionic Spark is a worthwhile investment. Sure it got nerfed a few patches ago but given the amount of magic damage in the game right now it's totally worth having Ionic with its magic resist reduction. Besides the fact it's amazing for Gangplank it's just a universally good item that can be played in practically any composition. While I highly recommend you get this item when you're playing Gangplank I also recommend it just in general, especially the early game.

Alright we've got two Tear items to talk about, Shojin and Blue Buff. Both of these remain common place in the meta as they help quite a few champions. Shojin is likely to be played more often but the impact Blue Buff can have is just as important. Let's just list a few of the champions you can give these items to; Ashe, Janna, Teemo, Viktor, Syndra and Bard. And that's just listing a few of them! Basically if you get either of these items every game you're probably going to find a champion to give them to quite easily.

Giantslayer is a bit of a weird item right now because it's amazing against Mech but overall not better than other damage items against other compositions. But since Mech is a popular composition for the meta it's not a surprise to see Giantslayer being prioritized for certain carries like Jinx and Vayne. It may not be the best item in the game but the circumstances of the meta has shifted it into a much higher priority than previously.

Since we mentioned one Jinx item let's talk about another, Red Buff! It's not specifically a Jinx item as it can be given to any Blaster but it's overall good on her for the damage and defensive stats it gives her. What's interesting about Red Buff is that it kinda... sucks.

What that means is that it's not really that great of an item, especially compared to Morellonomicon. But it's a necessity because it's a damage over time effect that gets spread by the Blaster trait, has healing reduction and does true damage. All of those combined make it a necessity for the meta even though each aspect of the item isn't great.

As always I have to quickly gush over Zephyr. It's amazing, make it at least one a game and you're going to be a happy customer. Honestly there's not much else I can say about this item anymore but I must always acknowledge how good it is every meta.

Okay now we can talk about the Spatula. There's definitely less you can do with it compared to previous metas but still, it's good to get for turning champions into a Rebel, Infiltrator or Blademaster. Even Celestial can be useful as well as Protector.

And yes you can use it to make someone a Battlecast to help get six Battlecast online earlier in a game but that build, in my opinion, isn't amazing so I don't know if I can actually recommend using your Spatula for it. In any case there's a lot you can do with the Spatula which is great! It's also great that no build relies on it to do well which makes the overall meta much healthier.

There's one last item to talk about and this is more of an honorable mention and that's Hextech Gunblade. I admit this my personal bias towards it but I think it has a niche place in the meta. The shield it gives certain champions can be so good.

The three champions I love to use this item on are Jayce, Rumble and Aurelion Sol. Ziggs is also okay but being in the back-line he doesn't really need it. But on the other champions? Oh yes. They do a good amount of damage and will cast consistently because of either being in the front-line (Jayce, Rumble) or because Aurelion just generates mana quickly. I highly recommend trying this item out if you can!

That's all for today folks! This has been a great patch in terms of balance whether that's items, champions or traits. There's one last article for me to do this week which will be out tomorrow or the day after! Thanks for reading! <33

As always check out https://lolchess.gg/ as a great TFT resource! You can find more of me on my twitter here and twitch here as well as more GiantSlayerTFT content here!

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