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How to Play: Brawler/Blaster 10.6
Hello there! It's time for another how to play article, this week we'll be focusing on Brawler/Blasters. Which is basically, for those of you that remember set one, old school Jinx/Brawler. Like no joke it's the exact same. I personally enjoyed that composition for its simplicity in set one and in set three it's still the same simple to run build. So I'll be going over the items, core champions and breaking down each stage of the game! I should point out that yes this is still very early on in set three so a lot of the how to play bits are going to drastically change over time in regards to economy and leveling. Anyway lets hop to it!
As this build is basically Jinx/Brawler you're going to find the items are quite similar to back then.  You’re going to want to give your main carry, Jinx, a lot of attack damage items. Giantslayer was buffed going into set three and is once again a core item on Jinx. Alongside that you can grab a Deathblade, Infinity Edge or a Last Whisper as other strong physical damage items. Hands down the best utility item to give her is Red Buff which can also be given to any other Blaster though Lucian is the most common. Defensive items can be Guardian’s Angel, Quicksilver or Trapclaw depending on what other players are playing though Guardian’s Angel is always a safe option.

As mentioned Red Buff is one of the best items for this composition as it pairs incredibly well with the Blaster trait and it was buffed in set three to do quite a bit of damage overtime. Other items to look for in this build can be typical front-line items such as Bramble Vest or Guardian’s Angel which you can give to Vi or Cho’gath. A new item that is worth considering is Shroud of Stillness. Place it on a front-line so you can maneuver it around as needed. Zephyr is always a great option whether you use it on to lift an enemy front-line champion or a great use of it is having it on your Blitzcrank in one of the corners. That way he will lift up the corner champion and grab a unit closer to the middle of the back row which can often win you a fight if you snag a carry.

Lastly if you’re able to get Miss Fortune later in the game it’s best to give her items built from a Tear. One of the best is Seraphs though Hand of Justice is not bad either since it can roll extra damage.
As the name of the composition suggests you’re going to be running 4 Brawlers and 4 Blasters at level 8 as your core build. Jinx is the main carry and most important champion of the build so make sure you’re aiming to two-star her quickly. She may be quite contested as this build is fairly popular and since she’s also a Rebel she is often played in another popular build, 6 Rebels. To round out the other Blasters you will want Ezreal, Miss Fortune and either Lucian or Graves. Miss Fortune can be tricky to find so playing Graves & Lucian is fine to do in the meantime. Graves, despite being a one cost champion, can be playable late game over Lucian because his ultimate can counter other auto-attack based compositions.

Vi, Cho’gath, Malphite and Blitzcrank are the four Brawlers that will be added over the course of the game. Malphite and Blitzcrank are generally found and played early game with Vi and Cho’gath being found more often around the mid game. Blitzcrank is especially useful as he is also Chrono which gives you two Chrono when paired with Ezreal. Overall it shouldn’t be too hard to two-star any of the Brawler champions though Cho’gath may be a bit harder if there are any other Brawler players in your lobby. 
The early game is set three hasn’t been quite as figured out yet as in the previous set but there’s a few important concepts to consider early on. One of those concepts is the change to how much easier it is to get a max streak going. Previously it required 7 wins or losses and now it’s only four. That means you really want to maintain one or the other for as long as possible in the early game.

Ideally you will go for a win streak to maintain high health but it’s totally viable to lose streak from the early rounds to Krugs. That is the other big change to streaks is you will now earn the additional gold on PvE rounds so it’s even more important to have a streak going into those rounds.

For the second concept it’s along the same lines as it’s about the economy but essentially, you’re going to be poor early game. With reduced passive gold, not being able to get gold or champions from medium loot orbs and the first carousel being one cost champions means you’re going to have way less gold.

So how do you approach early game? Basically look to play for either a win or loss streak as best you can. If you’re lucky and get a few extra gold drops in the early PvE rounds you can turn that into an aggressive lead to try and win streak by having more upgraded champions than others and being able to level early. If you only got items and you’re struggling to hit any two-star champions it’s often best to sit back and play for a loss streak to maximize the gold you earn from losing until the round after Krugs.

There are a few strong early game traits to look for, one of the best being Cybernetics as you can have a large power spike with only three champions and components. Red Buff Lucian with Cybernetics is one of the strongest openings by far and transitions really well into Brawler/Blaster. Finding an early Malphite is also a key starting point to transition from later which you can compliment him with early Rebel. Otherwise your goal is to just two-star what you can and try to maximize the gold you’re earning.

Standard leveling times are still up in the air right now but leveling to four at 2-2 and five at 2-5 is great if you’re able to win streak otherwise hold off on leveling until Krugs. If you have any items that are useful for Jinx later in the game it’s totally fine to jam them in early. Just give them to an auto-attack champion like Xayah as you’re going to sell them later. Keep in mind you’re not going to have a lot of gold early game so don’t overfill your bench too much. Try to only pick up essential champions to your mid game build, that being Brawlers and Blasters, and any champion you’ve been able to two-star should be played on your board and not sitting on your bench collecting dust.
As we’re moving towards level 6 it’s time to transition into the next stage of the game, mid game! The timing for level 6 is a bit off right now but the standard timing of leveling at 3-2 is still the most common and fine to do. If you’re able to sit on fifty gold for a few rounds at this stage you can do so instead of leveling to 6 and do a slow level instead. This is only advised if you’ve been win streaking beforehand or haven’t lost a lot of health as the stage damage begins to ramp up as we move into stage four.

Ultimately your goal is to get to level 8 with an okay economy and above 50 health. The earlier you find a Jinx the better so in general it’s advisable to level at standard timings to keep up a good leveling curve to increase your chances of finding her naturally. As mentioned level to 6 around 3-2 and from there level to 7 after Wolves on 4-1. This timing may change if you’ve been able to win streak and have a ton of extra gold as you can level to 7 on 3-5 if you’ll have at least 30 gold left over. In general you don’t want to roll much at level 7 but if you have a lot of pairs or are losing every round you’re going to need to roll.

Your primary goal is to find Jinx but upgrading Lucian, Ezreal, Blitzcrank and Vi is your secondary goal when you roll at level 7. Finding Cho’gath is also a bonus as you want to move your composition to 4 Brawler and 3 Blaster at level 7. Don’t worry yet about having Jinx 2 or Cho’gath 2 as they can be difficult to two-star at this level without rolling a lot of gold. Aim to level to 8 between rounds 4-3 and 5-1, whenever you’re able to do so as long as you have at least 30 gold left over after leveling.

From there you will roll to stabilize if you’ve been losing each round otherwise you can slow play it and roll when you’re above 40 gold down to 30 for a few rounds. Look to fill in the gaps of your build and two-star what you have especially Jinx 2 and Cho’gath 2 being your main priority.

Here's what your composition will look like at level 8:

After stabilizing at level 8 and we’re past Raptors going into stage five that’s a good time to talk about the late game! This stage of the game is a bit of a wild west at the moment on how best to approach it in the new set but there’s a few things to keep in mind at this point of the game. One is making sure you’ve got at least all of your core champions two-starred and the other is picking up your late game transitional champions. For Brawler/Blaster this will be Miss Fortune and whichever path you choose to go at level 9 whether it’s three Cybernetic, Rebel or any legendary champion.

Here's what a level 9 build composition may look like:

Your build in the late game prior to level 9 should look like: Jinx, Ezreal, Lucian, Graves or Miss Fortune, Vi, Cho’gath, Malphite and Blitzcrank. Whenever you find a Miss Fortune you can put her in immediately and take out either Graves or Lucian. Every champion besides Miss Fortune should be two-starred and if they aren’t you’re going to want to roll to do so. If you’re capped then it’s a good time to save up and econ towards level 9 while you pick up additional Miss Fortune’s you find along the way, including any upgrades to her ultimate that show up in your shop.

A variation of this build drops two Brawlers and adds in Mystic which looks like this:

Lulu in the front-line allows her to get her ultimate early. At level 9 you can add any legendary champion though Ekko and Gangplank are both solid options.

The win condition for Brawler/Blaster is Jinx 2 with good items and Miss Fortune 2. It is possible to look for Jinx 3 which is usually going to net you a 1st place but it’s only worth doing if you have high health with a strong economy in the late game. Generally it’s better to just roll and look for Miss Fortune 2 or other upgrades more so than going for Jinx 3. Vi and Blitzcrank are also decent options to three-star if you’re able to, so look to pick them up to fill out your bench.
One of the important parts of this build in the late game is positioning! While it’s not overly complicated it’s incredibly important to keep your Jinx in a position that lets her do work without getting instantly killed or CC’d. Try to keep Jinx near the corner on the same side as Blitzcrank as that’s one of the best ways to get her ultimate going. Blitzcrank will pull a champion in and after he knocks it up Jinx will turn to attack that target. Make sure you’re scouting each round to see where it’s best to place your Blitzcrank as pulling a harder to kill champion can sometimes be a detriment more than a benefit.

If other players have large AoE then it’s best to spread out your champions as best you can though always keep your Jinx nearby to your Blitzcrank. Miss Fortune works well in a corner but be aware of any Blitzcrank's enemies may have. Try to keep Cho’gath where the bulk of the enemy champions are positioned so he takes enough damage to get his ultimate off early. Vi should be positioned on the same starting side as Blitzcrank so she doesn’t use her ability on the target he pulls. This is because she may knock your Jinx out of position as she jumps onto that champion so making sure she goes to further away enemies is important.

One trick you can do which requires there to be no enemy Blitzcranks is blocking in your Jinx in the right side corner with Blitzcrank next to her and another champion, usually Lucian, above her. This makes it so melee champions can’t easily get onto her which is great if anyone is playing Infiltrators or melee heavy compositions. It's also possible to do this with a second Blitzcrank at level 9 to completely block your Jinx in as Blitzcrank won't move until after he grabs and knocks up a champion.
That's all for today! Hopefully this how to play will help anyone wanting to learn Brawler/Blaster. For everyone that played set one I feel like y'all will already be well equipped on how to play this build since yeah.. it's just Jinx/Brawler. Thanks for reading!

As always check out https://lolchess.gg/ as a great TFT resource! You can find more of me on my twitch here and twitter here as well as more GiantSlayerTFT content here!
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