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New Show: Fight Night Starts Feb 1

We are excited to finally announce a new show that we will be hosting twice monthly on the HHE Twitch Channel: Fight Night!

We have been working on this bad boy since last Fall and we're dying to launch this awesome format. Here are all the deets!

Fight Night will be a twice-monthly Friday night stream special on the HHE Twitch channel featuring a best-of-five showmatch between two high-level competitive teams/orgs.

The Concept:
This is a full-on grudge match between two titans clashing for bragging rights and… a Bounty. Expect this to be a little over the top, a little extreme, but mostly just freaking fun. This is not a fix-HGC solution, but rather a supplement that will add the HHE flavor to the post-HGC competitive scene.

The Stakes:
Winner stays. The Champ remains and Challengers must rise to dethrone the king of the hill. Viewers can cheer bits to go into the Bounty to entice new Challengers to take down the Champ.

The Show:
The first broadcast will be on February 1st and will be cast by Jhow and Halorin. We love these two dudes and we're excited to watch them have fun with this fun event! And! The show will be produced by the amazing Kiyeberries!

The Bounty:
50% of all Bits that are donated by viewers during the broadcast will be put into the Bounty. The Bounty is either claimed by a victorious Challenger, claimed by an exiting Champ, or rolled-over to the next week if the Champ will stand their ground another week. The Bounty will grow each week, rolling over to the next week if left unclaimed. To add extra spice, each week during the post-game Winner’s Circle interview, the Champ must declare if they are going to step aside and claim the bounty for themselves (resetting the Bounty) or stand and defend their title for another week (allowing the Bounty to grow).

The other 50% of contributed Bits is split between both teams evenly at the end of each broadcast.

Once the Bounty is claimed, it is reset to $0, and the Champ goes on cooldown for three (3) weeks.

Furthermore, the winning team will receive $200 and the loser $100.

Teams Looking To Apply:
This will generally be an invite-only situation, but if you'd like to be on our radar, please email ryan@heroeshearth.com with the below info:

1.) Team Name (with Team Profile URL on HeroesHearth)
2.) Team Captain (with contact info)
3.) Team Members (with their Profile URLs on HeroesHearth)
4.) One quality Meme

What's Next:
We will be announcing the teams that will clash on Feb. 1, next Monday!

More soon ;)
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This look really fun! i will watch for sure!
This sounds like so much fun! Can't wait to check it out 
Cool format.
Yes! None suit and tie format!
Woooo WoooOOO! oooo! :D
woah....why did it take me so long to see this.