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Fight Night: Warcraft 3 is Here! Feat. Grubby and Kendric

We are over-the-moon to announce that Fight Night: Warcraft 3 is launching on April 19 at 7pm CST/12am UTC -- yes, that is NEXT Friday -- and it will feature two amazing people behind the desk: Grubby and Kendric. Not only are we thrilled to bring you competitive WC3 content, but we're very excited to give these two wonderful casters room to really explore the unique and storied Fight Night space. 

We will be announcing the first match-up on Monday ;)

Okay, for those of you who don't know about our Fight Night format, it's a twice-monthly best-of-five format on the HHE Twitch that is focused not only on high-level play, but on the love of the game, aka Grubby and Kendric are free to cut a little loose. 

In terms of prize winnings and crowd-funding, here's the breakdown:

The War Chest:
The winning player will receive $200 and the losing player $100 simply for participating, from HHE. 

The Bounty:
40% of all Bits that are donated during the broadcast (called “Broadcast Bits”) will be put the Bounty. The Bounty can be claimed by a victorious Challenger, an exiting Champ, or rolled-over to the next week if the Champ will stand their ground to defend it for another week. The Bounty will grow each week, rolling over to the next week if left unclaimed. 

The other 60% of Broadcast Bits is split between both players evenly at the end of each broadcast (25% and 25%), regardless of who won and the remaining 10% will go to the Cast and Crew. 

Once the Bounty is claimed, it is reset to $0, and the Champ goes on cooldown for three (3) episodes.

The Math for 100% of Broadcast Bits, For Clarity:
- 40% to Bounty
- 25% to Champ
- 25% to Challenger
- 10% to Cast and Crew

Players/Orgs Looking To Apply:
If you'd like to be on our radar, please email ryan@heroeshearth.com with the below info:

1.) Handle/Username (with link to Twitter profile)
2.) Competitive Gaming History
3.) One quality Meme

What's Next:
Follow us on Twitter and join our Discord for more. 

Glorious Sponsors making this possible: Ridgebake and Cylance.
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