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Fight Night for May 15: The Lost Boys vs. Subscribe w/Twitch Prime
Heroes Fight Night Week 8 is tomorrow Night (May 15 at 8pm CT/ 1am UTC) and it will mark the dawn of what could be a new rivalry between a returning Champion who has made a substantial mark on competitive Heroes play in 2019 (The Lost Boys) and the resurgence of a team comprised of high-impact players who once graced the HGC stage (Subscribe w/Amazon Prime).   

The Lost Boys are becoming a bit of a household name around the Fight Night watercooler, having claimed a decisively clean victory in Week 7 over Team Good Guys (VOD below) and are sitting pretty at second place in Division S play. The clear reality is that The Lost Boys are firing on all cylinders and appear to have their team dynamic together.  The standout play from KilluZiion in Week 7 has now set the bar for competitive healer play in North America and we're excited to see more playmaking from him this week. 
At the other end of the ring is a team comprised of players we'd classify as wait-and-see x-factors, as in, we loved them in HGC play and we've been waiting in high anticipation to see if they'd reform to build something special -- and this young team has certainly delivered. Subscribe w/Amazon Prime was formed to take on the HeroesHype Premier Cup that launched last week and the squad finished in fourth place with a close call with Team Ganggang. Much like their opponent, they are a star-studded roster that immediately looks powerful on-paper. Led by former HeroesHearth Captain Khroen, the explosive insta-kill factor of the team is very real and we saw moments of brilliance from the team last week. 
The Lost Boys:

KilluZiioN (Healer)
cattlepillar (Tank)
Hosty (Flex)
Zergling (Melee Assassin)
TalkingTrees (Flex)
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Casanova (Assassin)
Khroen (Assassin)
Tomster (Flex)
Darkchimaera (Healer)
Fury (Tank)
Tune into the HeroesHearth Twitch this Wednesday to catch Jhow and Halorin cast the clash!

For more details, visit the announcement here.

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