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Fight Night for June 26: OSD vs. Close to Death
Heroes Fight Night Week 11 is this Wednesday Night (June 26 at 8pm CT/ 1am UTC) and we bare witness to the rise of Order of the Sleep Dragon (OSD), who were victorious over Inting For Globes (IFG) in Week 10. The Bounty has begun to grow again (see the nifty graphic below) and the stakes will continue to elevate, let's see if new Challenger Close To Death (CTD) will rise to the occasion!
Two weeks ago, OSD looked crisp in Fight Night play with a 3-1 win over IFG and their upswing is in full surge-mode as the squad continues to gel. CTD has graced the Fight Night stage once before back in Week 6 when they fell to Team Good Guys; to say that the team is looking for some redemption would be an understatement!
Order of the Sleep Dragon (OSD):

Shot (Tank)
Elhaym (Healer)
TrapQueen (Assassin)
Treebeard (Assassin)
Enigmatic (Flex)
Close To Death:

Keenan (Assassin)
CookieMan (Flex)
BloodSplat (Flex)
RedRobot (Tank)
Hooberman (Support)
Tune into the HeroesHearth Twitch this Wednesday to catch Jhow and Halorin cast the clash!

For more details, visit the announcement here.

Fight Night Sponsors: Ridgebake and Cylance
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