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Mythic Cabal
This guide assumes you are familiar with the Heroic version of the fight. As such, I won't discuss how Heroic mechanics work, and will focus exclusively on the Mythic mechanics, changes, and strategy. If you need a refresher on Heroic mechanics, click here.

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Mythic Strategy
Managing Timers
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Mythic Changes
  • All damaging abilities hit harder, like always
  • Each of the three relics gained a new effect when activated
  • Void Stone
    • Absorb bubble on the boss is now 2.4 million
    • Void Essence
      • After activating the Void Stone, every 40s a Void Essence will spawn, drawing players to it for 10s
      • Works similarly to the Rastakhan Inevitable End mechanic, but without anything to insta-kill you after being sucked in
      • The strength of the draw-in is increased each time a new Void Essence spawns
      • The strength of this draw-in is reset when the Void Stone is activated for the second time
  • Trident of Deep Ocean
    • The bubble’s HP has been increased
    • Oceanic Essence
      • Every 6 seconds, an Oceanic Essence spawns on a random player
      • Coming into contact with an Essence stuns you for 8 seconds
      • Essences remain until the Trident is used a second time, when all initial Essences despawn
      • Essences also despawn if they are hit
  • Tempest Caller
    • AoE damage increased to 19k nature damage per second for 15s
    • Storm Essense
      • Creates a Storm Essence at the Tempest Caller’s location, which zaps a player every 2s for 12k Nature damage
        • Additional Storm Essence is created every 20s
      • The damage of each subsequent strike is increased by 20%
        • There is no information available right now on when/how/if this resets
        • The tooltip in the Dungeon Journal does not suggest that this damage increase resets when hitting a new target
        • This seems highly unlikely, as by the 15th cast (30 seconds), the zap would be for about 154k damage, and the 20th cast (40s) would be 383k damage, easily 1 shot terriroty
        • More than likely, the damage increase will come in the form of a debuff on a player who just got zapped
      • The Storm Essences despawn when the Tempest Caller is activated a second time, and new Storm Essences begin spawning
      • If a Storm Essence ever strikes a player that’s below 25% HP, that player instantly dies.
  • Eldritch Abomination
    • The caster adds spawned by Zaxasj now become immune to interrupts 2 minutes after spawning
    • This shouldn’t really come into play, as you’ll want to have these things gone within 2 minutes anyway
    • Witness the End
      • The debuff applied by the Abominatinon’s cast now lasts 9 seconds, up from 6, and increases damage taken by subsequent casts by 500%, up from 100%.
      • Basically, you can never have the casts complete within 9 seconds of each other or everyone instantly dies

Mythic Strategy
"Bring multi-dotters" -Tagzz 2019

On a more serious note, as of the current tuning this is a very difficult fight that requires precise coordination handling multiple mechanics. A single mistake can easily kill someone, rippling to a raid wipe very quickly. We will not cover handling of heroic mechanics here, and instead focus on what you’ll need to know to defeat the fight on Mythic.
  • Promises of Power
    • As of right now, the enrage timer on this fight is extremely tight. You need to abuse the hell out of the Dark Herald mechanic and safely maximize uptime of the Promises of Power.
    • As in heroic, this effect increases damage by 10% and decreases max HP by 10% per stack, you automatically gain 1 stack every 3 seconds once you receive the debuff, and caps at 9.
    • You want to essentially have as many DPS with the Promises of Power debuff as possible most of the fight. There are two exceptions, and you MUST clear everyone's stacks for these exceptions:
      • Crushing Doubt
        • The two debuffs that go out deal about 56k to the raid when they expire, each. If you have 9 stacks of Promises of Power, this will 1 shot you.
      • Eldritch Abominations
        • The three caster adds spawned by Fa’thuul must eventually all get their casts off.
        • Their cast, Witness the End, deals 126k to the whole raid.
        • Again, if you have too high stacks of Promises of Power, you’ll get one shot
    • Because of the tight DPS check, you need to work on maximizing uptime of Promises of Power, while clearing it from the whole raid for the above two mechanics
  • Eldritch Abominations
    • You’ll need interrupt rotations for these adds. Have a 3-4 person rotation set for each add, and use a raid encounter addon (DBM or BigWigs) to automatically mark all three adds. Let the casts go off every 10-12s staggered, so the debuff falls off
  • Relic Order
    • Recommend doing both Tridents and Void Stones as the first 4, save Tempest Callers for last. Something like the following:
  1. Fa’Thuul Trident
  2. Zaxasj Void Stone
  3. Fa’Thuul Void Stone
  4. Zaxasj Trident
  5. Fa’Thuul Tempest Caller
  6. Zaxasj Tempest Caller
  • Tempest Caller is the most difficult and dangerous to deal with, and should be saved until the last 2
  • Void Stones and Tridents are interchangeable as far as order.
    • If you do the 2nd Void Stone as #4, it could make the last 25% of the fight slightly easier, as the Void Essence suck mechanic will be a little weaker. Not a huge difference though.
    • Doing the 2nd Trident #4 reduces the total number of Oceanic Essences for you to need to dodge later in the fight.
  • We always recommend keeping Fa’Thuul’s HP % lower than Zaxasj. Fa’Thuul has about 32 million more HP. This comes into play the final burn of the fight, after Zaxasj casts his 25% HP Relic. Always push Fa’Thuul to a new relic, then do Zaxasj’s next relic.

Managing Timers
  • The majority of the difficulty in this fight comes down to timings - exact timings of when to push relics, relative to the Crushing Doubt, when to coat the raid with Promises of Power, when to dispel, when to let the Eldritch Abomination casts go off, etc. Below, we’ll outline ideal relative timings.
    • (0:15) You can safely have your DPS take the first Promises of Power from Dark Herald #1. The first Crushing Doubt explodes at (0:30), meaning stacks will be low and this will be survivable.
      • Continue holding Promises until the (1:08) mark. At this point, the second Crushing Doubt goes out. Prioritize dispelling the Crushing Doubt targets, then clear the rest of the raid
        • Crushing Doubt #2 explodes at (1:20)
      • At this point, you should be close to pushing the first Relic. We recommend pushing Fa’Thuul first. Deal with the relic, then go through the Abomination casts
    • (1:34) The next Promises safe to take is from Dark Herald #5. All DPS can take this one. Most likely, you’ll have the final Abomination cast go off while everyone has 1-2 stacks of Promises.
      • (2:08) There will be a Crushing Doubt #3 explosion between 7-9 stacks. All DPS that have a major defensive CD should use it here. IE turtle, dispersion, Dark Pact, Netherwalk, etc. Surviving through this Crushing Doubt with as many people still high stacks as possible is a huge DPS gain
        • If you have a Disc priest, have them pop Rapture for this and blanket the raid in PWS. Focus on the DPS with Promises
        • Warlocks can survive through this at 6-7 stacks by using Dark pact + getting a disc priest PWS
        • Any "full" immunity, like Ice Block, will remove your Promises buff. Don't use these here unless necessary, and just get dispelled.
    • Push Zaxasj asap through his first relic. Deal with the relic & nuke the Visage.
      • If Void Stone, blow up the Void Stone absorb shield first, then Visage
    • After that point, all DPS can keep their 9 stack until Crushing Doubt #4 comes. (2:42) As soon as the Crushings go out, get all the DPS dispelled
      • Keep pushing the boss, and get Fa’Thuul to 50% to activate his second relic
    • (3:33) After the last of the Abominations finishes its cast, everyone should take Promises from the next Herald, #11
      • Goal here is to push Zaxasj past 50% and activate his second relic before Crushing Doubt #6 explodes. You want to take advantage of the Promises to DPS down the relic + the Visage
    • (4:15) You can safely hold this set of Promises until the next Crushing Doubt #6
      • This one you can play like Crushing #3, using major defensive CDs to survive. Disperse, Turtle, etc. Anyone without one of these defensives should be dispelled
    • Just as a note, the timings from here on out fluctuate slightly based on what relic order you did, and the exact timings of the relics interacting with the spell queing. Take these timings +-5 seconds
    • (5:10) Crushing Doubt #7, dispel everyone
      • After this Crushing, nuke Fa’Thuul until you push his final relic. Don’t take stacks from a Dark Herald until #21 at (7:00)
      • Between this time, you want to push Fa’Thuul through the Tempest Caller relic, then deal with his interrupt adds, then push Zaxasj through his Tempest Caller
    • We recommend saving the two Tempest Callers for last, as they’re the most dangerous. With the large amounts of AoE damage, the instant death for people below 25% HP, and the Storm Essences they spawn, they can easily kill the raid.
      • Push Fa’Thuul after Crushing #7 explodes at about (5:10)
      • After you push Fa’thuul, you’ll need to rotate through most of your healing CDs. Between the Tempest Caller damage and the Eldritch Abomination AoE, plus Crushing Doubts, there’s a shitton of damage going out in this point of time
        • Make sure you stagger the Abomination casts going off with Crushing #8 at about (6:00)
        • Ideally, you want to push Fa'Thuul into the Tempest Caller right after you heal up from the Crushing #7 explosion. The goal is to have as little else going on during the actual storm damage
        • The most you want to deal with, damage wise, is one Eldritch Abom explosion during the storm
        • You should also try to time pushing a Tempest Caller for immediately after a Void Stone suck ends
      • Zaxasj’s Tempest Caller is not as dangerous AoE wise since you don’t have the AoE adds, but you should still save at least 1 healing CD.
      • Do NOT push Zaxasj until after Crushing Doubt#9 explodes, at about (6:45). By waiting until after this Crushing, you guarantee yourself not having a Crushing Doubt explosion during the Tempest Caller, significantly reducing the likelyhood of someone going splat
        • Again for this one, aim to push the Tempest Caller immediately after a Void Stone suck ends, so you don't get the suck overlapping the storm
        • Also recommend having a Shaman drop Tremor Totem for this Visage, as a just in case
    • Dark Herald #21 & 22
      • Dark Herald #21 goes out at (7:00). You then have a Crushing Doubt #10 which explodes at about (7:30). Like #3 and #6, you should use any major CDs to keep buffs up through this. DIspel anyone who can’t survive. This is risky, but doable
      • Herald #22 goes out at about (7:20). This is a much safer Herald to take, as you’ll be lower on Promises stacks when Crushing #10 explodes
    • (8:10) Crushing #11 goes out, and explodes at (8:21). DIspel all of these before the explosion
      • Enrage is at (8:30). You can choose to use any immunities/major defensives for this Crushing instead of #10, which’ll buy you an extra 9 seconds of DPS before the boss enrages

Other Notes
  • Storm Essences
    • These will require a simple soaking rotation, preferably of people that aren’t taking very many stacks of Promises of Power. You can have DPS with low stacks and healers work on soaking.
    • Make sure if your stacks get too high, you move away and let them drop off
    • The damage is fairly low until stacks get pretty high, so even someone with 9 stacks of Promises can take 3-4 hits of soaking the Storm Essences without dying
  • Void Essences
    • You’ll want a weakaura or your boss mods to have a timer for the suck. As the fight goes on, the sucks get stronger and more difficult to deal with. The primary dangers are the Oceanic Essences (stun you for 8s) and the Void Crash circles. Just be careful, and keep an eye on this timing relative to when you’re pushing Tempest Callers.
    • This isn’t enough of an issue to pre-plan an exact push time for the last Void Stone you activate. Just keep an eye on the timings
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