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Limit's Official Mythic BoD Guide


Thanks for stopping by! I'm Crzypck, officer, Raid Leader, and tank of Mist on Area 52, and the official raid guide writer partnered with Limit, the US#1 and World #2 guild. This is the home page for Limit's Official Battle of Dazar'alor Mythic Raid Guide. Every strategy guide has been thoroughly discussed, reviewed, and approved by officers from Limit.

To access the various boss guides, you can click on the links below. Each individual boss's guide has a link at the top for "Home Page." That link will take you back to this page. I recommend bookmarking this page if you plan on using these guides for yourself or your guild. 

Please feel free to share this guide with anyone who’d be interested! You may contact me with any questions or comments at Crzypck#6309 on discord, and follow me on Twitter for updates!

Heroic Guide Home Page

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