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Crucible Recent Updates
Hey everyone! This is the blog post where I'll keep a list of any changes/edits made to the guide as the fights go live, and we're able to see how things are tuned/timed. Please check here regularly if you read the guide before the fights were live, as it's highly likely there will be changes and edits. Thanks!

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Restless Cabal
Several updates, including tuning info on Void Stone absorb. 
Slightly altered order of bosses+ relic recommendations
Updated timings + tuning info to reflect live info, including time for Visage to regenerate and strength of the Trident bubble explosion if you don't kill it

Updated duration of the relic debuffs, as well as the internal cooldown on the relics.
Updated information for P2, including new recommendations on using relics to deal with Mindbenders.
Updated timings of Piercing Gaze of N'Zoth, Mindbender spawns, and a few other abilities.
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