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Limit's Battle of Dazar'alor Raid Guide


I'm Crzypck, officer, Raid Leader, and tank of Mist on Area 52. I started writing raid guides in Antorus for the guild I was in at the time. In Uldir, I decided to post my guide publicly, and many people seemed to find it helpful. For BoD and going forward, I'm fortunate enough to be partnered with Limit, the US#1 and World #2 guild from Uldir, to provide the best possible guide. Officers of Limit have reviewed and consulted on the strategies for every fight.

These guides are geared towards Heroic and Mythic. The base guide is for Heroic, and below you'll find the Mythic changes and strategy. There are differences in every encounter between Normal and Heroic, and I do not document or mention these differences. As before, this guide is a permanent work in progress. We will be updating info and providing more information once the raid goes live. As the Mythic progression race pushes forward, and logs/videos become available, I'll be updating the strategies or clarifying anything that I had incorrect. If anything changes, I’ll update it. I will also be adding any potential “cheese” strats if and when they present themselves.

Note - due to multiple requests, I've now added a reference guide, which is basically just the TLDR of each fight, including the graphics. Enjoy!

Lastly, for the first three weeks of the new raid, starting with the Heroic week, I'll keep a blog post running with "Recent Updates," which'll be linked below. If you read the guides before the raid goes live, I highly recommend checking the Updates blog just in case anything was changed. 

To access the various boss guides, you can click on the links below. Each guide will have a link back to this page, which'll serve as the general landing and navigation page. Also please note - Each individual boss's guide has a link at the top for "Home Page." That link will take you back to this page. I recommend bookmarking this page.

Please feel free to share this guide with anyone who’d be interested! You may contact me with any questions or comments at Crzypck#6309 on discord, and follow me on Twitter for updates!


Recent Updates Blog

BoD Quick Reference Guide

Mythic Links

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