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Update: HeroesCCL Decision Regarding Kure

On May 22, 2021, HeroesCCL shared the following statement regarding a code of conduct ruling against player Kure. https://heroeshearth.com/b/ccl/read/heroesccl-statement-regarding-kure/

Our ruling was made with the understanding and interpretation that "neck yourself" universally meant "kill yourself". We confirmed that it's the first definition in Urban Dictionary. https://www.urbandictionary.com/define.php?term=Neck%20yourself.

To our administrative team, "kill yourself" are words that never should be said to anyone, at any time, without question. We have a zero tolerance policy for the statement of "kill yourself" and that policy is what dictated the swiftness and severity of our ruling to ban Kure for the remainder of Season 2.

After the statement was released yesterday, we received overwhelming feedback and evidence from a wide array of sources throughout the community and the Heroes player base that the phrase "neck yourself" has alternative meanings in different parts of the U.S. and other parts of the world than "kill yourself", which was how we had interpreted it. This feedback corroborated Kure's statement to the CCL that he was unaware that the term meant anything other than "slap yourself in the neck".

We appreciate the information shared with us by the community and took time to review it carefully as an administrative team. Based on what we have learned, we agree that this ruling was made in haste and without proper consideration of Kure’s intent.

Effective immediately, HeroesCCL fully reverts the administrative ruling against Kure on May 22, 2021.

Kure is eligible to play in Simplicity's match against Oxygen Esports on Sunday, May 23, 2021 and all games going forward and will receive full pay and prize money.

We sincerely apologize to Kure for the decision that was made without a complete understanding of his intent. Jules Scott, CCL Commissioner, has spoken to Kure personally, as well as the Simplicity leadership team, to apologize and share the change in this decision.

The CCL Administration team will be taking steps to improve our investigative process after this incident. We will be working with our League Operations Manager to create a formal investigative and appeals process for reports submitted to the league for review to ensure that all evidence is reviewed fairly and thoroughly before a ruling is made.

Please note, in order to achieve this, we will slow down decision-making timelines in the future.

One of the core values of the HeroesCCL is to listen to the feedback of our community and our players and admit when we are wrong. We acted with the safety of the community in mind to enact our zero tolerance policy for statements of violence and/or self-harm towards others. You have our promise that we will continue to improve our processes to ensure that players, organizations, and community members are protected and treated fairly at all times.

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Thank you. This is better.
Good on you for the prompt reversal, and better on you for examining the process that led to the hasty decision to begin with. Hopefully this is for the best all the way around going forward.

Still a really weird expression though.
Good reversal.
Thank you.  it restores so much faith you did the right thing. Gods speed.
I don't believe him.  Sounds awfully convenient to me and is a nice excuse for a back pedal.