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HeroesCCL's Statement Regarding The Season 2 Draft
After the conclusion of the HeroesCCL Draft on April 17, 2021, CCL Administration was presented with evidence alleging that the leaders of Simplicity and ONYX colluded to coordinate Simplicity’s pick in the 18th spot in order to set up a future trade for a player on the ONYX roster.

The evidence was submitted to league officials after a trade between ONYX and Simplicity was verified and shared on the HeroesHearthCCL Twitter account on April 17, 2021: https://twitter.com/HeroesHearthCCL/status/1383566846071169025

An internal investigation was opened by CCL Administration, where the evidence was reviewed and the members of ONYX and Simplicity’s leadership were interviewed regarding this situation.

The investigation has found conclusive evidence that the actions taken by Simplicity and ONYX are defined as collusion and are in violation of the league’s Competitive Integrity rule as stated in the HeroesCCL Organization Handbook, page 26, Section 25.1:

1. Competitive Integrity:

In addition, the following behaviors, or attempts therein, will not be tolerated:
a. Collusion, match fixing (including for bribes), bribing a CCL Administrator to affect the results of the CCL in an attempt to unfairly determine the outcome of a Game or Match

While the investigation has determined that the actions taken by Simplicity and ONYX were a misinterpretation of trade rules and not malicious in their intent, they go against the spirit of the draft and of competitive fairness and will not be tolerated.

As such, the following disciplinary actions will be taken:
  1. Both Organizations cannot conduct any further roster transactions until after Week 4.

    1. ONYX and Simplicity will be unable to trade or acquire another player on their rosters until the Monday after CCL Week 4. (Monday, May 24, 2021)

    2. Both Organizations will forfeit their one remaining Draft Transaction.

      The Draft Transaction previously authorized between Simplicity and ONYX will stand https://twitter.com/HeroesHearthCCL/status/1383566846071169025

    3. As this sanction impacts Players who may wish to depart a roster to seek other opportunities, both ONYX and Simplicity will be permitted to drop a maximum of one (1) Player from their roster during this sanctioned period to release them to the waiver wire.

      If Simplicity or ONYX choose to drop one Player during this sanctioned period:

      1. The Organization may not sign a new Player to their roster until the sanctioned period has passed and must maintain a minimum roster of 5 eligible Players.

        1. If the Organization fails to maintain a roster of 5 eligible players, further penalties may be issued by CCL Administration.

      2. The Organization’s Player stipends will be prorated to pay for five (5) Players on their roster until they are permitted to select a 6th.

      3. If either Organization cannot field 5 Players for their scheduled match for that week, they will not be permitted to select or appoint a substitute Player. The Organization will have the option to play with a bot player(s) or forfeit their match and be assigned a 3-0 loss for that week.

  2. Both Organizations will be fined from their end-of-season sponsor revenue share.

    1. The funds will be returned to the HeroesCCL budget for use towards league-related operations costs.

      1. ONYX will be fined $500 from their revenue share

      2. As this is their second infraction of the draft proceedings, Simplicity will be fined $1000 from their revenue share. Simplicity received a verbal warning from CCL Administration on March 30, 2021, and Partyfoul issued this statement about the incident: https://twitter.com/ThePartyFoull/status/1377045168466055183

The HeroesCCL is committed to upholding the highest standards of fairness, equity and transparency amongst its Organizations and Players. We take incidents such as these very seriously and are committed to take these learnings to improve our rulesets and guidelines moving forward.
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