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HeroesCCL Statement Regarding Kure
On Saturday, May 22, 2021, HeroesCCL Administration received a report of a possible league code of conduct violation involving a CCL player, Kure, that occurred while Kure was playing and streaming on his personal Twitch stream on Friday, May 21, 2021.

An internal investigation was opened to review the evidence submitted to league officials. In the screenshot that was provided to League Officials, Kure had typed "neck yourself" to a member of his team in Team Chat. The incident shown in the submitted screenshot was then verified in the VOD of Kure's stream from May 21, 2021.

The investigation has found conclusive evidence that the words written by Kure are in violation of the HeroesCCL Code of Conduct as stated in the Player Handbook, page 24, section 25.

Kindness, positivity, and a sense of welcoming are at the core of our values of the Community Clash League (CCL). Heroes Hearth and the CCL will not tolerate any discrimination. We advocate for diversity, respect, acceptance and kindness, and it is expected of all Players participating in the CCL. We expect players to ensure that our tournament remains focused on the game and is not a platform for divisive social or political views. Hate speech and discriminatory language is inappropriate. Threatening or harassing another person is equally as intolerable, regardless of language used. Heroes Hearth and the CCL Administration Team treat incidents of discrimination very seriously, and are committed to taking steps to address any complaints that are submitted to the organization. During the Tournament, players must obey the general rules of acceptable conduct. Players are strictly prohibited from consuming alcohol or being under the influence of illegal / controlled substances during the competition. The CCL Administration team reserves the right to be the defining voice on what is and is not in violation of the Code of Conduct. Violation of any of these expectations will result in disciplinary action, from Compensation Penalties up to removal from participating in the CCL.

HeroesCCL treats statements of encouraging violence and/or self-harm towards another person very seriously and the league has a zero-tolerance policy for this type of behavior.

As such, the following disciplinary action will be taken:

1. Kure is banned from HeroesCCL for the duration of Season 2, effective immediately. Kure will forfeit all winnings and player stipend earnings for the remainder of Season 2. Kure will be paid the player stipend amount through Week 3.

2. Simplicity will not be able to replace Kure on their roster until Monday, May 24, 2021 as deemed by the competitive ruling stated on April 19, 2021 regarding Simplicity's actions during the Season 2 draft.

3. Kure will be eligible to re-enter Free Agency in any future seasons of HeroesCCL.

The HeroesCCL is committed to upholding the highest standards of fairness, equity and transparency amongst its Organizations and Players.
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literally made an account to inform you people that you are out of your minds with this decision
Made an account just for this post. Please reconsider. The intended message was 'slapping oneself on the neck' . Just because a phrase has other meanings does not mean only the bad context is correct. A lot of us have known Kure for years, and it's unfair to completely ruin a CCL team over game banter. 
Greetings, made account to ask if you could please show us one example, popculture reference, and/or source it is used in that HORRIBLE way except in Australian Urban dictionary. In America necking means to make out or a slap on the neck. please google the word "necking" and ask how much longer CCL going to pretend that what they're implying is the accepted definition?
     The origin of necking: giraffe [A.] stretches his head high to giraffe
[B.] (student [A.] holds a pinched hand perpendicular to the floor
facing student [B.]).   Giraffe [B.] communicates their submission to
giraffe [A.] or a giraffe neck fight occurs (student [B.] communicates
their culpability to student [A.] by self deprecatingly slapping their
own neck; symbolizing the Giraffe fight and their loss/submission).     
Like others, I wanted to made an account to share my thoughts on the situation. I also want to mention that I have been on the receiving end of *a lot of* verbal negativity during my life, so I'm not coming from a position of 'words can never be bad'. But this whole situation reads differently to me, and it makes me a little concerned.

I appreciate that you as an org want to foster a welcoming and positive culture, yet that courtesy should also extend to your players. CCL includes orgs and players from all around the world, and that might mean differences in communication, too (especially for non-native speakers of English). I had never heard the expression Kure used before, and some online research seems to point to the harmful meaning coming from Australian slang, while the meaning in other English-speaking countries is less severe. In an international environment, you have to account for those facets of communication, too - regional slang, non-native speakers, etc.

I have no stakes in this game; I don't even follow Kure on Twitch, I just enjoy watching CCL. But this situation leaves me with a bad taste in my mouth. Publicly condemning a player and meting out a severe punishment instead of seeking a dialogue and working out the actual intent doesn't reflect well on CCL. It also seems like wishing actual harm would be very out of character for the player, which should at least grant him the benefit of the doubt. I hope you will seek talks with Kure and come to a conclusion that both parties are comfortable with. I also hope that with future issues, the situation will be explored impartially before announcements are made.
What a broke back organization if I can even call it that? Here's my hot take conspiracy theory, someone in the CCL community has a grudge against one of the only POC left in the HotS competitive scene and to manipulate the brackets. Outside of the bubble known as OCE where you've derived your Urban Dictionary definition from, "to neck" or "necking" has grown to different usages. Here in the state of Texas where Kure is also from, necking yourself (literally with your hand slapped across the base of your rear neck) was common among adolescents after they did something foolish. 

I'm not going to give Kure a pass on all the stupid sh/t he's done in the past, like removing last season's rank 1 and best Sylvanas player, SQUiRREL from participating in the inhouses (picture as seen below). Going to a decision just seems like the rest of the competitors are afraid of being up against them. I won't be mad if he gets to play or not, if he doesn't then more power to him by accelerating the death of this bygone game. But, it doesn't excuse you from the simple fact that the CCL has tremendously gone downhill in leadership and it shows. It really does. 

Looks pretty unprofessional and rushed decision.  You need a better process when you take decisions like this.  Context and intention always matter and the fact that you seem to really not consider it is disappointing. You will lose the trust of players, orgs, and the public.
This is outrageous, it is unfair. How can you ban someone just because they used an insult which meaning changes between places?
So he's banned regardless of what he actually meaned behind those words? Decision too harsh and rushed in my opinion.
A case of contested meanings? Linguistics to the rescue! : https://www.academia.edu/41792161/Contested_Slurs_Delimiting_the_Linguistic_Community
Some objective eyes might find the discussion relevant to this situation.
Personally, please discuss with the player and org. I am fed up with the inconsistency of punishments between this and the last season.
Sometimes speakers within a linguistic community use a term that they do not conceptualize as a slur, but which other members of that community do. Sometimes these speakers are...
Like others, I made an account just to address this.  It's absurd your reaction to this.  The fact that with one person, you wait a few days, gather the facts, speak with org owners, speak with the person themselves and give them a chance to apologize and keep playing, while with Kure, you don't talk to him, or the other owners, or get all the information and just ban them for the season is hypocritical at best.  It's a bad decision period.  I hope your ego's and power trips don't keep you from admitting you are wrong in this and you reinstate him.  He's never had issues with this in the past and the ONLY definition I knew for "neck yourself' before was to slap yourself.  Slapping someone in the back of the neck/head when they've messed up happens all the time.  Because you're not there with them to do it yourself, you tell them to neck yourself i.e. slap yourself in the back of the neck when they mess up.  You're using something in Aussie slang like everybody is supposed to know what Aussie slang is supposed to be and make sure you don't say it.  It's perfectly fine to say the C-word in Australia.  Since we're using Australia slang and using that as a judging point for what's okay and what's not, can players freely use that word?  I will not be supporting this league or watching until you admit how wrong you are with this and re-instate Kure.  I have been so hyped for this league, donated last year and it's a shame I'll miss it but sometimes you have to stand up for what's right and what you did was not right at all.  I hope none of the other players or teams play today in protest.