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HeroesCCL Season 4 LAN Finals - Attendance Guidelines For CCL Players
Hello, CCL fans, Orgs, Players and friends!

We are thrilled to officially share that the HeroesCCL Season 4 Top 4 finals will be played on LAN at the Wisdom Gaming Studios in Mall of America™ on August 5-7, 2022!

We know this is something you’ve wanted to see since HeroesCCL launched in 2020, and with the completion of our studios and venue, we are excited to make that dream a reality.

CCL administration has put together guidelines and rules for our players and organizations regarding attendance to the LAN and how it affects participation in HeroesCCL Season 4. As we all know, COVID-19 guidelines are changing quickly based on the most current information that is available from the CDC, so we have to stress that these rules and guidelines are subject to change based on what is currently happening as we get closer to the event.

Attendance is required for all players of the 4 qualified teams at the HeroesCCL LAN.

HeroesCCL will provide travel and accommodations for all six rostered players and two organization staff members of each qualified top 4 team in Season 4.

If any player travels to the LAN and feels sick upon arrival, CCL administration will arrange for a COVID test for that player. If a player tests positive for COVID, they will not be able to participate in the LAN, and the substitute player will be required to play.

If more than one player on a team tests positive for COVID, CCL administration will allow the team to appoint "emergency substitutes" from another eliminated HeroesCCL team or a verified CCL free agent to participate remotely in place of the affected players. 

Emergency substitute players from an eliminated HeroesCCL roster must be approved for participation by the team they are contracted by before they can participate.

A maximum of 2 emergency substitute players will be permitted; otherwise, the team will forfeit and automatically receive a 4th place finish.

The HeroesCCL Season 4 LAN will adhere to the current COVID guidelines that are being followed by Mall of America.

Currently, Mall of America does not require proof of vaccination or a negative COVID test upon entry, and masks are optional for all attendees. We'll be reassessing the situation frequently as the event gets closer and guidelines update or change. HeroesCCL and Wisdom reserve the right to update our requirements for attendance at the Season 4 LAN based on current CDC guidelines/Mall of America policies.

The HeroesCCL LAN event will be open to the public!

We will have more exciting news about attending the LAN (tickets, venue information, travel tips, etc.) to share with you in the upcoming months. 

Free Agent Sign-Up ends soon!

Free Agent Sign-Up closes on March 21, 2022, so if you haven’t registered to be available for an interested HeroesCCL team, you’ll want to do that before the deadline. The Free Agent pool will not reopen again this season. You can sign up here.

You can get acquainted with all of the Season 4 format changes here: https://wsdm.gg/CCL-Season4-Details

We’ll be updating you with more exciting announcements as we get closer to the start of Season 4. Make sure to follow our Twitter @HeroesHearthCCL for all the latest news and information about the upcoming season.
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