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HeroesCCL Season 3 Roster Releases and Draft Order

Roster Releases

The Season 3 roster lock deadline has passed and we can now announce the full list of releases, as well as the draft order for the teams to fill their open roster spots. If you need to catch up about the format and details of Season 3, you can find that information here.

Here is the list of roster releases leading up to the Season 3 Draft on October 9, 2021:

Diamond Hands

BadBenny - Tank
Ukkie - DPS
Funz - Flex

Gotfilth - DPS
Valamar - Support
caesarsalad - Tank

STORM Esports

Qepi - DPS

Lauber - Tank
BBJ - Support
ibtingz - Flex
Daykwaza - Offlane

Chilly Mountain

Jia - DPS
cattlepillar - Tank

Makke - Flex
Berghult - Offlane
BananaH - Support
Azyrite - DPS

Granit Gaming

Ultralisk - Flex
fancypants - Flex

Skogh - Tank
Svampgrotta - Offlane
Tai - DPS
Henn1ng - Support


Hide - Support
XraYY - Tank

HasuObs - Flex
Liam - Offlane
Dynouh - DPS
YasuOTP - Support

Oxygen Esports

Cascon - Support

Nazmas - Offlane
MadaraUchiha - Flex
RedRobot - Tank
Drated - DPS
Hebi - Support

WildHeart Esports

Justing - Tank
Buds - Flex
Unaverted - DPS

Zergling - Offlane
WearyDay - Support
MasonBlaze - Flex


Lutano - DPS
Hosty - Flex
jae12321 - Flex

Kure - Offlane
LegacY - Support
Mascarade - Tank

All released players were given the option to enter free agency for Season 3. This is the list of eligible Free Agents for the Season 3 Draft: https://wsdm.gg/FA-Database-S3

Season 3 Draft

The teams will fill their open roster spots in the Season 3 Draft on October 9th, 2021.

Draft pick order for Season 3 has been determined by the final placements of the Season 2 playoffs and grand finals. The draft will be a standard draft, ranked by lowest placement to highest placements.

The final placements in Season 2 were:

#1 - Simplicity
#2 - STORM Esports
#3 - Chilly Mountain
#4 - 30k
#5 - Oxygen Esports
#6 - WildHeart Esports
#7 - Granit Gaming
#8 - Diamond Hands

Based on the releases and the number of open spots in rosters, the draft pick order for Season 3 is as follows:

The draft information will be shared via our Twitter account, @HeroesHearthCCL beginning at 2pm ET/11am PT/8pm CEST. We'll be live-tweeting the picks as they happen, so make sure you're following to get the info as it breaks!

Our next big event for the preseason is the Free Agent Open Tournament on October 1-3, 2021. You can watch teams made up of Free Agents who are showing off their skills to the Org scouts on our Twitch channel starting at 2pm ET/11am PT/8pm CEST on Saturday and Sunday, October 2-3.

We'll see you soon!
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