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HeroesCCL Season 2 Draft Order Details
In collaboration with the Organization owners of HeroesCCL, we have finalized the Season 2 Draft Order plan for Draft Day on April 17, 2021.

Draft pick order for Season 2 was determined by the final placements of the Season 1 playoffs and grand finals. The draft is a standard draft, ranked by worst record to best record.

The final placements in Season 1 were as follows:

1st - Simplicity
2nd - WildHeart Esports

3rd - CrowdControl
4th - Oxygen Esports
5th - 30k
6th - Granit Gaming
7th - Chilly Mountain

  • With Sidestep Kings’ departure in Season 2, the new Org that will be selected will be ranked in 8th place and will draft a full 6-Player roster.

On February 15, 2021, the Organizations declared their roster protections and releases for Season 2. The Organizations' roster protections and releases can be found here: https://wsdm.gg/Roster-Protections-S2

Pick Order for Season 2

The Process

The Org owners of CCL worked together with HeroesCCL on several options for a draft order that would be most equitable in a format that could carry over to any future seasons.

Several meetings were held and each Org received a vote for their preferred draft order.

The final draft order listed above was unanimously voted for by the Organization owners.


Q: Why does the new Org get the first two picks when Granit Gaming also has to draft a full new roster?

A: The new Org has no previous power ranking from Season 1, so they were given 8th place/first pick. They are receiving the first two picks because they did not get the choice to release their entire roster - it was part of the Season 2 rules that were set up by HeroesCCL.

Q: If there are future seasons, would the first pick get the first two picks like it's shown here?

A: No. This is only in the situation where a new Org would be entering HeroesCCL to replace a previous Org. If all Orgs remain the same, the Org with the lowest power ranking would get first pick in the first round, followed by one pick from the other Orgs in order of their power rankings.

Q: Why are you not doing a snake draft like in Season 1?

A: The snake draft format is used when teams have no previous power rankings and draft pick order is determined by random number seeding. The last pick in each round of a snake draft gets two picks in a row. A standard draft format is appropriate for Season 2 to allow the teams with the lowest power rankings to select first in each round.

Q: What about letting teams who released fewer players pick last? Or letting those teams pick until they get up to 4 players each?

A: We gave this format a lot of consideration. After discussing it in detail, the Org owners felt that this format has aspects that could be abused, such as incentivizing a full roster drop in future seasons to try and get better draft picks. They all agreed they preferred the format that we're sharing today.

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