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HeroesCCL Organization Update - ONYX Name Change
The HeroesCCL is announcing the following Organization change, effective immediately:
Due to an ownership change, the team formerly known as ONYX is now known as Diamond Hands.

Christopher Kraft has exited the ONYX organization and has been granted full ownership of the HeroesCCL league Organization spot and team currently competing in the league.

HeroesCCL has approved this change in Organization ownership. All Players that were signed by ONYX have been re-signed under their new Organization.

Note: The disciplinary ruling for ONYX after the Season 2 draft has been transferred to the Diamond Hands organization. Diamond Hands will be eligible to pick up a 6th player/make trades on May 24, 2021.

Diamond Hands Information:
Owner: Christopher Kraft
Website: http://www.diamondhandsesports.com/
Twitter: https://twitter.com/diamondhandsorg

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