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Free Agent Tournament Information & Format
The first of two Free Agent Tournaments is approaching! If you're a fan of seeing who's up and coming in the Heroes of the Storm competitive scene, here are all the details of what's happening and how you can watch.

HeroesCCL will hold two Free Agent Tournaments during the preseason as an opportunity for the eligible Free Agents to showcase their skills in a tournament setting.

These tournaments are optional and are not required for any eligible Free Agent to be drafted by a CCL  team.

If you're new to HeroesCCL and want to learn all the details, here's where you can start: https://wsdm.gg/CCL-Season-2-Everything

The Details:

Single Elimination Bracket
All matches are Bo3, finals will be Bo5

All players must be verified Free Agents for Season 2 of HeroesCCL. (The signup closes end of day on March 8, 2021.)

Tournament #1
Friday, March 26
Saturday, March 27
Sunday, March 28

Start times
4pm ET/1pm PT/10pm CET
(Friday times TBD depending on final bracket format)

Tournament #2
Friday, April 9
Saturday, April 10
Sunday, April 11

Start times
4pm ET/1pm PT/10pm CET
(Friday times TBD depending on final bracket format)

Tournament brackets will be released during the week prior to the tournament after signup has completed internally.

Teams will be seeded by their average MMR based off of HeroesProfile.

How to watch:
HeroesCCL will broadcast the round of 8 and beyond on our Twitch and YouTube channels on Saturday and Sunday of each tournament.

If more than 8 teams sign up for the tournaments, the matches to get to the Round of 8 will be played on the Friday of each tournament week and will be available for community co-streamers to cast.

Interested in Co-Streaming/Community Streaming?

In Season 1, HeroesCCL offered a co-streamer program to allow community casters and co-streamers to share HeroesCCL matches on their own channels. We're going to be continuing this program for Season 2 with a brand new signup.

If you were signed up in Season 1, you must sign up again for Season 2. This allows us to track viewership numbers with the most up-to-date list of co-streamers.

By signing up for the Co-Streamer program, you will be given access to a special section in the HeroesHearth Discord for instructions and information, as well as access to a clean feed link when available. Because of this, all Co-Streamers will be required to join the HeroesHearth Discord to participate in the program.
Here is the link to sign up for the Season 2 Co-Streamer program: http://wsdm.gg/Costreamer-Signup-S2

To keep updated about all the latest news about HeroesCCL Free Agent tournaments and everything related to Season 2, make sure to follow our socials:
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