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CCL Roster Updates - Week of November 16, 2020
Roster Changes

HeroesCCL presented by Roll20 is announcing the following roster changes, effective immediately.
Granit Gaming has released Berghult (Tank) from their roster and has acquired YasuOTP (Healer) from the Free Agent list.
From Granit Gaming Co-Owner, Luddixz:
Granit Gaming has, in association with Johan “BERGHULT” Berghult agreed to release him from his duties as a player for the organization. To fill his spot the administration and the players have mutually agreed to take on Eliot “Yasu” Kaufling to the full Heroes of the Storm roster. We look forward to welcoming him to the team as well as seeing him in action.
Chilly Mountain has released Fury (Tank) from their roster and has acquired Berghult (Tank) from the Waiver Wire.
From Chilly Mountain President, Chillrogg:
Chilly Mountain will be exchanging Fury for Berghult in our CCL roster. This change is largely due to internal scheduling conflicts within the team. Berghult's schedule is aligned more closely to the other 5 team members of Chilly Mountain than Fury's is. This change will allow the team to practice together more regularly. We are excited to add Berghult to our roster!

It has been our honor to have Fury as part of Chilly Mountain. He is, and will always remain, a legend in the Heroes of the Storm competitive scene and we wish him all the best.
30k has released Breakwood (Ranged DPS) from their roster and has acquired Fury (Tank) from the Waiver Wire.

30k's statement:

30k is pleased to announce that CCL 1st pick Manny "Fury" Medina will be joining 30k.

Fury brings with him a highly accomplished pedigree in Heroes esports and he has competed at the highest level since 2016. Along with 30k founder Michael Udall, Fury won his first of 4 major North American Championships with Gale Force Esports. Fury continued to excel at the peak of Heroes esports during HGC season 1 and 2. He comes to 30k as one of the top tank players in the world, and we believe his experience and skill will be a tremendous asset to the team.

"Fury has proven to me multiple times that when he is removed from a team he comes back with a vengeance. He beat my team in those North American Championships and 30k is thrilled to have such a talented player." - Michael Udall, CEO of 30k

Due to CCL rules limiting rosters to 6 players, 30k has released Breakwood from our main roster. Breakwood is a player with potential, and one 30k is committed to developing. As such, we are pleased to announce Breakwood will be the first member of 30K’s academy team 30k Black. We will have more details on this exciting new initiative via our Twitter account in the coming days.

Breakwood's statement:

"This was the best decision for the team, and for me. I'm looking forward to get an even better opportunity to improve myself, to play with competitive players and to be able to build a team synergy."

The Process

When an Org elects to release a Player from their CCL roster, the released Player is placed on the Waiver Wire for 24 hours. At this time, the Organizations in CCL can option to acquire a released Player before they become a Free Agent. The Waiver Wire order is determined by current records of the Orgs, from worst to best. (This blog explains the transactions and Waiver Wire process in full detail.)

The Waiver Wire order for the week of November 16, 2020 is as follows:

1. Chilly Mountain
2. 30k
3. Sidestep Kings
4. Granit Gaming
5. Simplicity
6. CrowdControl
7. WildHeart Esports
8. Oxygen Esports

You can catch all the teams in action this weekend for Week 3 of CCL competition. Matches are held on Saturdays and Sundays beginning at 4pm EST/1pm PST/10pm CET.

Where to watch:

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