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CCL Organization Announcement - Sidestep Kings
The Community Clash League (CCL) is announcing the departure of Sidestep Kings from the league, effective February 15, 2021.

Sidestep Kings' statement, from owner Fan Yang:
"I went into CCL wanting to give players a safe place to get paid and for the initial season to be as successful as possible, and I think all of that happened wonderfully. This was a difficult decision for me to make, but I've learned through leading the Org in CCL that the only way for it to be successful on the metric I’d want it to be is to commit to it full-time. which is not possible for me at the moment. Thank you to everyone who supported Sidestep Kings, and make sure to continue following the players on their journey during CCL Season 2."

From CCL's Commissioner, Jules Scott
"Sidestep Kings will be very missed in the CCL. It was my pleasure to get to know and work with Fan and to have his valuable professional player experience to guide us as we developed this first season. I understand and respect his decision and I wish him all the best in everything.

Sidestep Kings will remain as part of the CCL until February 15, 2021 to ensure all players on the current roster receive their payments from the final prize pool distribution of Season 1.

We will be selecting a new Organization for Season 2 to replace Sidestep Kings. I will be releasing more information about that process in the coming weeks."

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