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CCL Organization Announcement - CrowdControl
The Heroes Community Clash League (HeroesCCL) is announcing the departure of CrowdControl from the league, effective immediately.

CrowdControl's statement from owner Turk:
Managing CrowdControl during the Season 1 of CCL was a genuine pleasure. Unfortunately I am pretty burnt out on HotS right now and I don't know when that's going to change. I feel I cannot champion the game the way I used to, the way I did before and during Season 1. It seemed hypocritical for me to own a prestigious Org spot in the CCL while I felt this way. I'm looking forward to cheering the boys on from the sidelines and wish nothing but the best for my boys and CCL as a whole.

From CCL's Commissioner, Jules Scott:
I'm really going to miss the fun and spice that CrowdControl brought to the league. I understand Turk's decision and wish him well in everything he does in the future.

For transparency, CrowdControl was given the opportunity to have their team manager, Leonblack, take over ownership of the Org for Season 2. After careful consideration, Leon chose not to assume ownership, which resulted in the disbanding of CrowdControl and their exit from the league.

As per the rules set forth in Season 2, if an Organization exits the league, their roster will be released to Free Agency and a new Organization will be selected. I met with the players of CrowdControl (Dynouh, Lauber, Rutzou, XraYY and their coach, TTPorky) after Turk's decision and confirmed their Free Agency for Season 2. All of them will be added to the Free Agent list today.

A new Organization has been selected from the applicants who were interviewed to replace Sidestep Kings, and we will introduce you to them tomorrow, March 16, 2021. That announcement will also include the revised draft order for Season 2 based on this special situation.

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