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Woke up today to a surprising amount of excitement for the news. Coaching is something that has yet to really find a foothold in professional Heroes as this game, more than any other of it's genre, has always had a shroud of mystery around why certain teams succeed while others fall far short of expectations. Even in the pro scene, that uncertainty remains, and while I can tell you that intangibles like attitude, team chemistry, confidence, and effort have proven to be far more instrumental to overall team success than more quantifiable attributes like mechanics thus far, there is no guarantee that will still hold true in 2018. 

The direction blizzard appears to be going with their game is to emphasize a higher value on individual play with a clear attempt at extending and encouraging "1v1 phases," and an attempt to reduce the kind of double support compositions that were sometimes considered to be "draft victories." Considering that past a certain level of player experience, it's more likely to teach or improve the intangible aspects of team success than base mechanics, we may find ourselves on the brink of a shift in player value that more closely resembles other moba titles. 

Valuing individual talent over team cohesion and player roles was a trap that many fell into during the rise of Heroes E-sports. Most notably, we saw GFE show disastrous results compared with expectations in Late 2016 and early 2017 when they chose to repeatedly ignore player roles in order to pick up top mechanical talents and try to force square pegs into round holes or some other lame analogy that would be applicable. However, that kind of decision, made today - could potentially make sense.

We've been seeing a gradual shift away from defined player roles into mass flexing, and combined with the emphasis on individual play we touched on earlier - 2018 could be the tipping point. Maybe GFE was a year too early with what they tried to do, and perhaps an over-adherence to player roles will actually be what holds people back in the coming year. Either way, this first HGC phase will set the tone for team building, and it will be exciting to see what kind of theories prove valuable as more and more roster restrictions are removed through the year. 
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