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Toughts about armor
Toughts about the armor system in hots: 
I feel like the idea of armor or damage negation for tanks in general is a good idea, and healthy for the game. On the other hand giving passive armor for heroes "to counter a specific thing" is imo unhealthy. Not only is it unhealthy, but also hard to know, since it isnt visible that the target takes less dmg.
To come with an example of what i think is "good armor", then muradin´s dwarf toss gives him 25 armor (so it can be used as an engage tool and take less dmg), but at the same time there is no visible factor to that armor, so only players who knows he gain armor from jump will understand why they deal less dmg to him.
What can the enemy mage do to counterplay anub with spell dmg reduction? Not much tbh, you will deal less dmg to him no matter what.
I like the idea of having a hero that counter mages, but the reason why he counters them is mainly cuz he takes less dmg from them. I would love to see his lvl 16 talent "debilitation" (Enemy heroes hit by Burrow Charge have their spell power reduced by 50% for 4 seconds) being baseline, together with his Shield (w) taking less dmg from abilities. With that he would still be a "counter-mage" hero, but with counterplay. The enemy mage can try not to use the whole combo while anub have his shield up, and avoid getting into a position where anub can burrow charge him. I think that is a healthier way to implement armor, since it has playmaking for the tank and counterplay for the enemy team.
Even tho i would like to see more counterplay being enabled for armor, i still think the most important thing is visibility. It feels weird that you are taking less dmg without it being visible in any way (unless you press c and look at your armor).
Anyway, just my casual toughts about armor
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My worry (though since I am not a pro it may be for naught) is that 2 tanks will be a standard comp. One anti-AA and one anti-mage tank will become the norm. I like the idea of some specialized tanks and some good all around tanks. Possibly just having talents that benefit the hero vs certain other heroes (like diablo spell dmg reduction at 7 and imposing on other tanks) would still be more beneficial.
I don't know if people are generally going to start drafting double tanks specifically to cover both of those weaknesses rather than just drafting a general tank, which is clearly something Blizzard wants to keep. The thing about these counter-tanks is that it lets you draft tanks in a slightly different way - currently, you either just pick the best available tank, or you pick the tank that best supports your team (such as Tyrael when you want to support a Greymane dive). But in cases where Anub is especially good against mages, you can punish your opponent for drafting too much ability power - either, they have to deal with Anub'arak, or they have to give up a ban to deal with Anub'arak, thus freeing up a potential hero that would otherwise get banned.