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Pokemon of the Week: Larvitar!

What it do, what it do. AlexDidzzz here, preaching about why you need LARVITAR in your LIFE if you don’t have him in there ALREADY. This guy has got a ton of attitude, has an excellent move in Pokémon Go that you must know about, and what movesets will make him clap. Understood? GOOD! Then let’s get into it.

 Let’s start with the obvious. Larvitar is a tough rascal lookin’ son of a gun. Don’t believe me? Google search Larvitar and look at the first image you get. Literally looks ready to cut someone. That behavior is questionable, but what isn’t is the fact that all he does is eat mountains and sleep. Don’t believe me? Check every Pokedex entry since his birth in Gen 2 until now. I can’t imagine what it does for this lil feller’s digestive system, but who the hell cares?! He sure doesn’t, cause he’s going to evolve eventually into TYRANITAR. Literally has TYRANT right in the name! In his most recent Pokedex entry, it states: “Its body can’t be harmed by any sort of attack, so its very eager to make challenges against enemies.” Well that’s great, because that serves as a segue way directly into my next topic.

It’s only fitting that the tyrant of Pokémon would be bestowed with such an amazing fast type move such as SMACK DOWN. That’s right, since he can’t find a worthy opponent all he does is smack fools DOWN. It’s the only rock type fast move he can learn that’s a community day exclusive, so if you want this epic move make sure you evolve your Larvitar into Tyranitar this upcoming weekend, December 14th and 15th! Just make sure that when you evolve your Larvitar, it’s during the right time. I don’t want to be the reason why your beloved Poke isn’t blessed with Smack Down.

Now that your Tyranitar is equipped with Smack Down, your charged attack can go one of two ways; Stone Edge or Crunch. Nobody needs a Tyranitar with Fire Blast, as cool as it may be. Instead of choosing which one to have, I created my own pack of Tyranitars with both movesets. It has destroyed all the legendary birds for me, serves as a great attacker in other raids, and has slain many Team Rocket challengers. If you haven’t obtained any Larvitars yet, go do so now! Stop reading this and GO!

That’s going to be it on Larvitar/Tyranitar, thank you for reading, and have a great day! May your Pokeventures be plentiful, and may the shiny gods smile upon you! 

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