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Creating a New Esport: Dead by Daylight Competitive League 2.0

Note: This is the initial concept, parts are subject to change. Everything is still in the works, keep that in mind when reading! 

This is and updated version of the league, the original league concept can be found here: 

Changelog - 5/2/19

1. The League Ten - official map pool
2.  New scoring system 
3. Sliding scale for killer add-ons 
4. Specific survivor perks banned

Match Format/Rules

1. Two teams of five face off against each other in a match.

2. A match consists of five rounds, two games are played each round.

3. Before the match is played, teams go through the ban/reserve killer phase.

4. Within a round, each team selects a killer and designates which player will play the selected killer.

5. Each game has a set time limit, 12 minutes. Game ends at 12 minutes, finished or not.

6. Each round involves a team drafting a killer from the killer pool. A killer can only be used once in a match. The team with the lower amount of points scored gets killer priority at the beginning of the next round. to choose if they want to select the map for that round or killer priority. Note: Other team will then select map/killer depending on team's choice. The map selected is played for the round by both teams, meaning 5 of the 10 maps will be played in a match.

7. Every member of the team will play killer once. No player can be the killer twice.

8. Perks can only be used one time:

-Player's have an individual survivor perk pool.

-For killer, the perk pool is shared across teammates.

9. Five rounds will be played. Winner is determined by the team that has accumulated the most points.

Ban/Reserve Killer Phase
  1. Each team will ban out five maps each. These maps can overlap with the other team. Note: This isn't necessary with an official map pool, makes it convoluted
       2. Each team bans a killer and chooses a reserve killer. Process goes as followed:
            -Team A picks a reserve killer.
            -Team B picks a reserve killer, then bans a killer.
            -Team A then bans a killer.
            -Team B is then given priority of which killer they wish to start the match with first.
            -The first round is played on a map decided prior to the match that both teams will know about before drafting. Note: Since both teams will know where the match starts, it doesn't give an advantage to either team.

      3. The reserve killer can be used at any point throughout the match as a "wild card." While you will still draft a killer normally, you would activate your reserve killer after the opposing team has decided upon which perks they wish to use for that round.

The League Ten - Official Map Pool

1. Wrecker's Yard - AW
2. Blood Lodge - AW
3. Azarov's Wresting Place - AW
4. Coal Tower - ME
5. Suffocation Pit - ME
6. Groaning Storehouse - ME
7. Thompson House - CF
8. Torment Creek - CF
9. Rancid Abattoir - CF
10. The Game - GMP

Note: Every map listed can be pulled and replaced anytime. With the exception of The Game's peculiar nature, the maps selected are the most balanced from the 27 that currently exist. I realize there will be discrepancies on maps that should/shouldn't be on the list, but for now, this is what we're sticking with. Coldwind Farm walls will be fixed. 

Scoring System

Survivor: +2 for an activated gen. +2 per player survived. +4 if all survive. Total possible points: 22

Killer: +2 per survivor sacrificed. +1 for each survivor hooked (not including final hook) +4 for all sacrificed. Total possible points: 24.

Note: Initial concept for bloodpoints as a scoring method became too problematic, too complex. This scoring system simplifies and puts focus onto what matters most during a game. 

Sliding Scale - Killer Add-Ons

S-Tier killer: Nurse
A-Tier killers: Hillbilly, Huntress, Spirit, Hag
B-Tier killers: Pig, Plague
C-Tier killers: Trapper, Clown, Wraith, Shape, Doctor
D-Tier killers: Leatherface, Freddy, Legion

Tier rating as of 5/2/19 

Based upon the killer's tier-rating will allow them to use certain add-ons. 

A-Tier: One uncommon/one common.
B-Tier: One rare/one uncommon.
C-Tier: One very rare/one rare.
D-Tier: One very rare/one rare.

Note: If a killer wishes to use a lower rarity add-on from very rare with their other rare, they can do so, they aren't forced to use very rare. Purpose of this scale is to make lower tier killers have more impact on the game, while higher tier killers are still just as strong. 

Banned add-ons: Tuning Guide, Primer Bulb, Spark Plug, Ashen Apple, Blessed Apple. 

Additional League information
  1. Killers, perks, maps, all can have potential bans by commissioner before match starts (e.g. Nurse, Legion, Haddonfield, Sprint Burst).
       2. Banned perk list: Dead Hard, Lithe, Sprint Burst, Balanced Landing, Adrenaline, Mettle of Man, Leadership, Prove Thyself. Note: Having exhaustion perks and being on comms would make the game too survivor-sided. By removing the majority of exhaustion perks (Head On the exception,) the competition should be great. Leadership/Prove Thyself are banned due to strength, same goes for Mettle of Man.

       3. Should a player re-use a perk, a point deduction will ensue. Players are responsible for keeping track of what perks they've used.

       4. Items cannot be brought into the game, however they can be pulled from loot chests in-game.

       5. Killers are allowed to use one purple-tier add-on or lower + a green-tier add-on or lower each roundNote: Sliding-scale for add-ons has this reworked. 

      6. Teams will know what killer they will be playing against in advance. This is so each team can prepare accordingly (e.g. Trapper Hangman's Trick into Sabotage, Urban Evasion into The Hag.)

Purpose of League format:

Each player will be challenged as both survivor and killer. Teams will have to utilize resources carefully and choose whether to pace themselves with meta perks, or go all in early in attempts to gaining a massive lead. As the match progresses, perk choices become limited, rewarding players that are able to get creative with perk usage and those who can improvise with what killers remain in the killer pool. Strategy, communication, knowledge, and gamer skill will all be put to the test in determining which team prevails.

Outlook for League

The League would be operated by HeroesHearth Entertainment and streamed through our Twitch channel at Twitch.tv/HeroesHearth. While there aren't any events to be confirmed yet, ideas are being worked on.

Thank you for reading, and stay tuned for more to come! Feel free to voice your constructive criticism, thoughts, ideas, so on and so forth. We will be looking over all the feedback we can. 
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