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The Future of Competitive Heroes

Hey guys,

If you’re like me, you were disheartened in December when Blizzard announced an end to their Heroes esports series, HGC and Heroes of the Dorm. To me, Heroes was just finding its stride in the Esports scene – we had some incredible events, personalities, a growing community, and we lost that wind in our sails. Our collective community reacted swiftly and passionately – feelings of frustration, sadness, and anger.

But if there’s anything that our community is, we are optimistic, and we are fighters. We fought to make professional Heroes an engaging and compelling scene, we fought to build the community, we fought to be a legitimate Esport, and finally we are fighting to keep competitive Heroes of the Storm alive.

I’m proud to announce that our fighting is paying off and pleased to introduce you to the Toasty and Gladman Heroes Invitational on February 9-10, 2019, the first tournament in what I hope will be a continued series that keeps our Esport alive. This event, created in partnership between Tempo Storm and HeroesHearth, is the culmination of over a month of ambitious planning and coordination, generously supported by two superstars in the Heroes orbit. To say that I am deeply appreciative of the support of Toasty and Gladman is an understatement, and I am proud to be a part of Tempo Storm who has so graciously championed this event alongside HeroesHearth.

The event will bring eight teams invited from among the best in North America – I can confirm we are talking directly to all of the teams you would expect us to, and trying to bring together much of the same teams you recognize from HGC. We’re finalizing the casters now, so I am tight-lipped there until we have our commitments. But I can promise you they will be awesome people that most of you will recognize and they will be sure to make this a very entertaining event!

This will be a single-elimination, two-day format with the quarterfinals on the 9th and semifinals and finals on the 10th. The prize pool is starting at $5,000, but we will actively crowdsource additional support from you, the fans, up to and throughout the event, that will contribute directly to the overall prize pool.

This event is our love letter to the Heroes community. We worked hard to put this together because we knew it was the right thing to do – for you, for us, for the players. There are a lot of hands in this, making sure this will be a success, but what we need most of all is YOU – get out there and hype this up, make sure everyone knows. RT to your friends, put it on your calendar. Let’s get as many eyes on this event as we possibly can. If this is a success, we can make this a regular event. We’re really excited about this and what it can become in the future.

Thanks to all of YOU for making this the best community to be a part of!
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So much excite!
Great news, HOTS is an awesome game and has a great community!
We are getting there! :D