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What is your Win Condition - How to recognize it and execute it.

Hi, my name is Khroen and I play Ranged Assassin for HeroesHearth Esports.

Today on my stream someone asked me if I could talk a little bit about how you identify what your team composition’s “win condition” is, because while they heard a lot of streamers say it’s a very important thing to recognize, no one really explained how to recognize it.

I want to provide an explanation to what a “win condition” is, and how to identify it, as well as provide you with some example team compositions.

Firstly, to explain what I’m talking about, your team’s win condition means what is your team composition going to do to win the game. It’s recognizing what is your comp good at, and how do you execute on this.

Now you’re going to identify what this is by looking at your team comp, then the enemy team comp, and asking yourself what can our comp do to beat theirs? I’m going to pull an example from one of my recent hero league games.

Map: Towers of Doom

My Composition:                                                                      Enemy Composition:

E.T.C.                                                                                            Valla
Li-Ming                                                                                        Dehaka
Abathur                                                                                       Stukov
Lt. Morales                                                                                  Brightwing
Greymane <-  (me)                                                                     Azmodan

Now look at My Composition, we have an engage tank, who is good both early, as well as late game, and good follow up damage with Li-Ming and Greymane. However, we also have Abathur, who power spikes at level 10 with his Ultimate Evolution.

Now if we look at the Enemy Composition, we know that they have two heroes with Globals (Dehaka and Brightwing) As well as a strong DPS pick with Valla, an Azmodan to push hard and a Stukov as a second support.

  • We know that My Composition needs to be careful in the early game, because they can collapse onto us with their globals.

This being said, it’s time to identify my compositions win condition. Since we don’t want to fight early on (perhaps unless they overextend and E.T.C. gets a good power slide) our win condition is related to our level 10 power spike. We also know that Greymane has huge synergy with Abathur, because a Greymane clone does massive damage and can dive with Greymane onto their backline.

Our win condition is to teamfight with Ultimate Evolution. We want to group at level 10, and look to force fights while our Abathur soak’s the lanes. Once we fight them, we force their globals to be used and we should hopefully both win the team fight, and have Abathur getting back to soaking after it’s over.

I know that not all team compositions are going to be like this, so I want to identify a few common types of team compositions you might see or run into in Hero League.

The Split Pusher – There’s going to be one player you run into that wants to pick Azmodan or Zagara, and that’s fine, and here’s how to play with them. Your win condition is usually going to be, stall the enemy team and let your split pusher get push. Make sure you are soaking the lanes that the split pusher is not soaking.

  • If the enemy team sends multiple members to deal with the split pusher, that’s your signal to either force a fight on the rest of the enemy team, or push the lane away from where your split pusher is. Even If your split pusher dies, you might come out ahead on the trade, so don’t always think that it’s a bad thing.
  • Even if the enemy team Is matching your split pusher with a global hero, try to bait the global hero waste their global, and then back off. This way, you’re freeing up your split pusher to get value.

The Wombo Combo – This one’s pretty simple. You have a lot of heroes with impactful ultimate abilities that can synergize with each other. Your main objective is to get to level 10 and utilize them. Your win condition is to win team fights and then use that advantage to secure objectives, or kill their structures until you win.

This clip from HeroesHearth vs Even in Death from the Crucible shows just that.

The Double Support – This one is very prevalent right now in the meta, and pretty simple as well. You have two support heroes with a Hyper Carry hero such as Valla, Guldan, Greymane, Lunara, Zul’Jin, etc. You want to group up once you get past the early game. Your win condition is to push into the enemy structures, and kite back while out sustaining them. DO NOT CHASE THE ENEMY TOO FAR WITH A DOUBLE SUPPORT COMPOSITION. This is a common mistake and you risk losing the advantage you just got by winning the damage trade. Stay together and press the small advantages.

Globals – Even if you only have one global hero on your team, it can be very impactful all throughout the game. The objective of the Global is to soak experience and be able to appear with your team whenever you need them there.

  • If there is a 4 versus 4 fight going on, use your global to assist and hopefully win the fight. DO NOT HESITATE. If you’re thinking about if you should or not, if you choose to, it’s probably late. Maybe not too late sometimes, but nevertheless late. Just use it. If it didn’t result in anything, try to learn from that and use it more effectively next time. Point is, if you think you should use it, use it.

This being said, your win condition with a global comp, or even just with one global hero, is to create pressure on the other side of the map, and then use your global to assist your team when they need it.

Also note that sometimes you can win the game with the pressure from the Global alone, or at least take the enemy’s keeps. So, if you’re playing an engage hero, think twice if you really need to engage into the enemy, or if your global hero will get more value on their own.

The All In – This composition focuses on winning teamfights very quickly, and is similar to the composition I went over earlier in my example. These compositions lack sustain healing, so they use their resources all at once and try to eliminate the enemy team. This is similar to the Wombo Combo composition, but doesn't rely on the synergy of comboing ultimates on top of one another. The win condition here is to get a teamfight on your terms, whether that be setting up a greymane clone beforehand, or flanking the enemy team, you want to be able to kill at least some of them during your first round of abilities. If you don't, it's okay, back off and try again when those abilities are available, and you're all healthy again.

Standard – And of course there's your standard composition, 1-2 Tanks, 1-2 Ranged Assassins, a Support and a Solo laner/Melee Assassin. This composition depends all on what those specific heroes are. This comp archetype might fall into one of the ones above, but it also might not. If it doesn't, see if you can identify what kind of strategy you can use versus the enemy composition to identify your win condition. Maybe you think you have the better teamfight, so try to fight them! Or perhaps you out sustain them with better healing, take small trades and DONT OVERCHASE

Note One -- The enemy will always try to play to their own win condition as well. It's good to recognize what the enemy will try to do with their composition, as to be prepared for it and not play into it. For example, if they have a global hero, try not to invade an enemy camp, because they will execute their win condition on you.

Note Two -- Also consider that a lot of the time, map objectives can also become a part of your win condition, or just be their own win condition entirely. What I mean by that is, say you have a Double Support composition on Infernal Shrines, if you fight the enemy on the objective and out sustain them, you will force them back and be able to win the shrine objective, allowing you to push with it to further your advantage. Any boss you capture on any map also becomes its own win condition, as bosses are extremely powerful at pushing, especially in the late game.

This is not every type of team composition, but these are a few of the most common ones you see in hero league right now.

I hope you learned something from this and/or enjoyed it. Feel free to leave me feedback on what I can do better or what you liked about it.

You can find me on Twitter here: https://twitter.com/Khroen

And on Twitch here: https://www.twitch.tv/Khroen

Also check out the new HeroesHearth Esports Shop here: https://heroeshearth.com/shop/ (Jerseys and other merch coming soon)

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Really helpful. I love to play support, so this gives me a helpful perspective to improve my healer selection during draft :)
Good stuff Khroen, hope to see more content from you like this in the future.