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Proposed Hanamura changes
Games on Hanamura often feel too fast, and most games focus more heavily on splitpushing Heroes than on intelligent macro play and teamfighting. With these changes I want to accomplish three main goals:

- Slightly increase average game time.
- Give more comeback opportunities to a heavily behind team.
- Refocus the map from splitpushing and PvE to Teamfighting and intelligent macro play.

To work towards those goals, the changes will be trying to:
- Reduce rewards from taking forts.
- More Heavily reward risky plays when ahead


- Core HP increased from 7 to 14.
- Payload base shots increased from 1 to 2.
- Boss shots increased from 1 to 3.
- Bonus shots from taking down Forts still at 1.
- Bonus shots from taking down Keeps increased to 2.

Intended affects of Changes:
- Core HP increased from 7 to 14.
This gives the map designer a finer way to tune rewards from map objectives, and is the crux of how I want to change the map.

- Payload base shots increased from 1 to 2.
This is to compensate for the doubling of the core HP, as I think the base tuning of the map is solid.

- Boss shots increased from 1 to 3.
This is how you make comeback mechanics. 3 shots is a huge amount of core damage, so the team that's losing can start the boss to force the winning team to respond. In the same vein, a winning team will always want to make the risky call of taking the boss, but the huge risk that comes with it gives a great chance for the losing team to make that their comeback fight.

- Bonus shots from taking down Forts still at 1.
This is a change that hits 2 birds with one stone. The first effect is obviously to slightly increase the average game time by slowing down the rate of core damage, but the arguably more important change is that this takes value away from the boring splitpushing meta. Forts are still enough of a boost that you will want to take them, but hopefully picking Azmodan or Zagara will now be a difficult decision.

- Bonus shots from taking down Keeps increased to 2.
This is another comeback mechanic, similar to the boss change. I don't remember the last time I saw a keep taken in a close to even game, and the reason is that its often not worth the risk to the winning team. The losing team is most likely only on 1 or 2 core health at that point anyway - playing it safe and maximising XP gain is almost always the better choice than taking that risk. By reducing the shots that forts give, when the time comes where Keeps are a possibility, the extra shots will probably still be worth getting. The winning team trying to force a Keep will give a favourable fight to the losing team, which could be their comeback opportunity.

Thanks for reading! Let me know what you think of my changes, and if you think you have some great ideas then comment them below!
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Do you think the mercs as they are are fine?
MrSpork I think Mercenaries have to be important on this map to give it more objectives, it's a mistake they made with Braxis before and they learnt from it. Whether the Mercenaries are in the right place is hard to say, but I like the concept and wouldn't make any changes at this time.
Blizzard tends to see feedback as "This system is not working" but also tends to actively ignore suggestions on how to fix something that is not working in my experience.
How to fix Hanamura: Delete It
I hope they make changes to this new map fast. It's definitely not a fun map in its current state.
- Refocus the map from splitpushing and PvE to Teamfighting and intelligent macro play.

And why splitpushing is bad? The game needs more strategies and creativity .Every pro play game in HOTS is a 5 man death ball from the 7-10 minute mark onward. No other strategies such as split push, jungling, etc..

Having to 5 man deathball 24/7 from the 7-10 minute mark onward, with minor exceptions, was always a thing i hated about Hots, just not enough to make me dislike it.Games are comprised of many elements, you don't have to like everything 100% to like a game.
I think the payload should be changed to a neutral payload. At the moment, stopping a payload is not very effective
Thoughts from a lower MMR player: I like changing the boss from 1 to 3 shots, getting the boss doesn't feel "good" right now. I'm not sure about the other changes, I feel like it would just make the map longer, not more enjoyable. I feel the problem is more with the payloads, possibly too many?

If there were neutral payloads, and only 2, maybe 3 allowed on the map at once, I feel like this would give teams the time to actually use the camps. Split pushing would still be effective, but since there are fewer payloads the game would naturally last longer.

I really feel like this map should be more like Battlefield of Eternity, in the sense that when the objective spawns, both teams engage each other at the objectives. Too often on Hanamura I see teams ignoring each other in favor of just trading payloads.

Lastly, the camps. I don't like them. The Support camp is pretty tough, and the Snake Spirit camp feels kinda strange. Another thing I don't like is that the camps don't push at all. Every other map in the game, the camps push in some way. Hanamura is the exception and I think it's really confusing a lot of people. I understand that they want variety with the maps, but I feel like changing core game mechanics per map goes a bit too far. The XP reward and item from getting camps just doesn't feel as good, even if it's just as effective (or not).

TL:DR; reduce number of payloads, make them neutral. Change mercs somehow, this one idk.
I still wonder why they didn't realize it was almost impossible to play "late game" heroes in this map as i hardly ever see it go beyond level 16. My first thought was also that they should double the core hp. I think those changes could really improve the game experience and gives the feeling of comeback possibilities for a team that falls behind.

I hope someone at Blizzard is reading this because theses are good propositions.
What would you do to increase teamfights around the payload? It seems like right now, there isn't much benefit for it.

I like the shot changes, but I think this still needs more.