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Necessary fixes to Ranked - New Seasons
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what are your thoughts on mmr decay bakery? like ill give you an example. I'm bob and i played season 2 and got to D1 but i didn't play 1 game of HL in season 3 should my mmr have gone down or stay the same? all bob did was play QM for 3 months and has no idea of what the current "meta" is and goes into season 4 playing raynor because he still thinks hyperion is bugged.
Another thought that came to my head. I don't know if the answer is out there but does blizzard use bobs sesaon 3 QM MMR to seed him in season 4 or do they use the HL MMR that he had from season 2?
The placement system definitely needs adjustments, we all agree on that. Im just not sure about that second step. It could create an illusion of progression and therefore lead to stagnation of a player. The gap between pros and competitive casuals would be even bigger than it is now. The climbing should be a reflection of your improvements. Unfortunately its really hard to reflect that accurately cause, you know, its a teamgame, and its probably the lowest skilled player that throws the game, at least in my experience. But its great that someone raises awareness to this issue in a constructive manner!